Types of weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Masonry. Types of Weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Lecture structure on pervious foundation- Khosla’s theory-. Design of concrete sloping glacis weir. ❑Weir or barrage is constructed across a perennial river to raise.

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The masonry weir dwsign may be vertical on both face or sloping on both face or vertical on downstream face and sloping in upstream face. It consists of number of trapezoidal notches constructed in a high crest wall across the channel with a smooth entrance and a flat circular lip projected down stream from each notch to spread out the falling jet.

Trapezoidal Notch falls Required Basic Data: On the upstream side, the wall is extended. When the silt deposition becomes appreciable the weif are opened and the deposited silt is loosened with an agitator mounting on a boat.


Registration Forgot your password? Check for Scour depth Check for exit gradient Check for apron thickness due to uplift. Uniform Flow at Known Q and y.

Rivers are important source of fishes.

On the other hand, if the weir floor is desig continuous with the divide piers as reinforced structure, such that the weight of concrete slab together with the weight of divide piers keep the structure safe against the uplift then the structure may be called as a non-gravity weir. The discharge for one notch is computed and the number of notches designed by trial and error method considering full supply discharge and half supply discharge These falls are Simpler, economical and popular.


Momentum Principles in Open-Channel. Transition lengths desigm upstream and downstream.

The gates are operated form the top by suitable mechanical device. It consists of masonry breast wall which is provided with adjustable crest shutter.


The boulders are grouted with. The gates are then closed.

A structure designed to secure lowering of the water surface in a canal and to dissipate safely the surplus energy so liberated, which otherwise scour the bed and banks of the canal Necessity: Published by Lance Grime Modified over 3 years ago. Ogee glavis with and without raised crest 6. The choice between a weir and a barrage is largely governed by cost and flacis in working. Length and depth of cistern are more crucial in this case To provide cushion to destroy the energy of the drop by formation of hydraulic jump.

The shutters are dropped down during flood. Sloping glacis if any. The intermediate spaces between the core walls are filled up with boulders maintaining a slope of 1 in Hydraulic radius Steady-Uniform Flow: When the weight of the weir i. To head up water to upstream to form hydraulic jump. The platform below the baffle wall up to the deflector wall is known as the cistern.

We think you have liked this presentation. The jump is held stable on a horizontal platform by means of baffle wall. The cut off walls are provided at the upstream and downstream end of the floor and at gllacis toe of the weir.

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Objective of Diversion Head Works. The muddy water flows towards the downstream through the scouring sluices. Design of drop wall. To bring the velocity with in the permissible velocities, falls or drops are introduced at suitable locations.

The hydraulic jump occurs on the glacis causing sufficient hydraulic jump. It is a modern fall, a Straight glacis generally with a slope 2: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

TPs Particulars, taken up to hard strata or to a minimum depth of 2m below CBL or ground level which ever deeper with soil classification. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Masonry weir wall is constructed over the impervious floor.

Velocity in a canal is a function of the slope of the canal. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Suitable up to 60 cumecs and 1. But then, this is dummy text. It is a low weir constructed at the end of cistern, working on the principle of horizontal impact for energy dissipation. A structure slopung is constructed at the head of the canal to regulate flow of water is known as canal.

Canal fall or drop: Down stream Energy Dissipation. It aims to raise the water level in order to feed the canal. The crest shutters are provided to raise the water level, if slopihg. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.