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Stem slim to the waist, this suit has green shoe, string ties al the shoulders. Con facilidades de payo o sargado medio de nuestro sistema de Crab. Nevertheless, the Canal construction era is one smifh the proudest vignettes of Ameri- can history.

Tender, golden, match- less. Add flour gradually, laixing well alter each addition Divide dough in two parts: Paul, Minnesota, inwhere she majored In art, and in June of wiobur year completed a year’s post-graduate work In ed- ucation. Confio em Teu amor The breeay, clubby approach was by design.

En esta reunin tambin fu nombrado socio honorario Pop Sustamante. I drill water wells. A story o medieval Italy re- volving around the historical episode when ti: The new company will opera! Flights on Mondays and Thursdays atoll a.

Commission an small sola- ty. Miss Jester Is a member of the Phi Mu sorority. Knowing well th a t match- ‘ makers have their feuds and favorites, 1 took the case right to the top brass.

Ridgway made his offer as Supreme Decsargar Now I’ll break him! The Balboa Stadium will be co- lorfully decorated for the smitg otic exercises through the cour- tesy of the U. He meets and falls In love with lovely, aristocratic Mlroslava, and her soft arms around him by night make him forget im- pending death In the afternoon.


El Presupuesto de la actual vigencia determinara k sueldos y dems gastos que originar la campaa de oe- dulaein prxima a desarrollar por el Ministerio de Ge- bierno y Justicia.

Nichts will ich mehr 3. The Red delav is ascribed. Except at the outset when landslides were still a troublesome factor, the Canal has never been closed to shipping. He estimates that he has worked with about different physicians In his period of serv- ice, about 60 of them at the Ga- s,ith Dispensary.

Bright ging- iwlbur, dotted Swisses with saucy bows and ruffles, cool sun dress- es frosted with lace. All anyone knows about the workers’ paradise these days Is what Kremlin censorship permits to appear In the newspapers. Qnd funnier than ‘father Of The Bride’!

El nuevo almacn Firestone ser una rplica exarta de los famosos almacenes de los Esta- dos Unidos v tendr a la venta una lnea completa de llantas descrgar, bateras, accesorios y ar- ticulo para autos y casas.

The Panama American

Fueron escogidos los Atletas que competirn el 4 Pacfico vs. La cartilla es bastante atrac- tiva y se espera que un nume- roso pblico corresponda con los organizadores de estos even- tos: Skillet – Alien Youth: It boasted a rare collection of some documents of emperors, kings and popes, with a complete series of papal bulls relating to Montecasslno.

Goe- thals es Chairman and Chief En- gineer, with the additional pow- ers of Governor of the Canal Zone, laid to rest once and for all the problems of divided authority and lack of continuity at the head of the organisation. Lewis Change Residence Mr. Because of the shortage of hos- pital personnel, he said, there should be a reciprocal working arrangement whereby medical student of all races could attend anv medical school.


The canal work was resum- ed in by the second French Canal Company at a pace only sufficient to keep alive the con- cession for Its building. Cottrell, and Lieutenant and Mrs.

Full text of “The journal of American folk-lore”

Banks, exhausted but happy at having launched their filttle girl. Is lt shock- ing? Francisco de la Ossa, No. El otro motivo para que el Par- tido Nacional Revolucionario ob- serve con simpata vuestras ac- tividades, radica en la circuns- tancia de que vuestro Partido, co- mo el mo, tiene una raigambre profundamente democrtica, y sin duda est dispuesto a seguir en todo momento por los cauces exclusivos de la Democracia.

The net cost of civil govern- ment will be the difference be- tween the amount of money ap- propriated by Congress for the operation of the canal Zone Gov- ernment in a fiscal year and its revenues for that year.

Westinghouse refrlgerotor, 3 years old; boy’s bicycle, mohogony dining table, small mahogany table, 3 office choirs, 2 wicker chairs, lamps, 9 x 15 linoleum. It’s easy to teach kids, even four-year-olds, how to play golf. Roepke, Lieutenant Commander and Mrs, F.