Deadly Deceits has 47 ratings and 7 reviews. Cory said: No surprises that the CIA did what it did. McGehee did a good job in making lots of his activitie. In his book, Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, McGehee recommends that the CIA be abolished, and a. Deadly Deceits. My 25 years in the CIA. by Ralph McGehee. Ocean Press, (originally published ). Introduction, Gung Ho!, Japan and the Philippines.

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Shipment fabrication decejts Marines at pp. Other editions – View all Deadly Deceits: McGehee proposed to develop a “pilot project” and to first concentrate on one district.

Yet he appreciated being involved in “the immense and noble effort to save the world from mccgehee International Communist Conspiracy”.

Decfits, the northern People’s Army of Vietnam was the foremost communist fighting force in the south. To the contrary, McGehee’s Survey teams had “used our intelligence to penetrate the Communists’ crucial shield of secrecy” and accordingly had broken their grip on the villagers. Confused about why it’d been dropped, McGehee replied that it’d been overruled by higher-ups.

At headquarters he attended several briefings, yet he was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the CIA as an institution.

Ralph McGehee – Wikipedia

The ‘Trust’ was evidently fabricated out of whole cloth, whereas WIN was the counterfeit copy of a defeated and defunct resistance group. CIA in fabricated a story about weapon shipments sent by sea to the Viet Cong to show foreign support. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


A cold waranti-communist agenda, in short, has repurposed its intelligence function. McGehee, pp Ex-Official’s Obsession with Vietnam War. A separate Agency that acts clandestinely may be necessary, but not favored. Eventually, in-person interviews of the local villager and farmer called taking a “census” was appraised to provide better information and results.

Johanna Lindner rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Stationed in Southeast Asia in the mids, he worked to stem the Communist tide that was sweeping through the region, first in Thailand and later in Vietnam.

Yet in he remained “still fiercely anti-communist”. McGehee figured he became the latest addition to the deputy’s enemy list; he then thought that people like this deputy COS, who put his career above the mission, were “aberrations” among otherwise dedicated CIA agents.

Inhe also filed a Freedom of Information request, claiming that he had been harassed sincesuspected to be because of his criticisms.

In the early s IBM computers eventually gave CIA “a sophisticated file-retrieval system called Walnut which could pop out the graduating class of a Sverdlovsk high school at a moment’s notice. It begins with a sharp attack on the Agency readly came to know by his 25 years on the job, and by his later research.

That morning a CIA plane had dropped supplies by parachute, scattering them over the mountain forest.


Deadly Deceits

The Marines later began to patrol the coast to intercept the reported contraband. Both were communist-crafted deceptions, deceitful imitations of anti-communist rebel groups, meant to act dangle -like in order to trick western intelligence agencies.

McGehee’s liaison office had become a high-performance operation, with quality intelligence work and a steady stream of reports. Facts seemed open to be tweaked into what might make a better argument.

He graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. My 25 Years in the CIA. Orwell was “shocked by the false account of the incident that was given to the world. Sarit died in office in He’d nurtured a close relationship with Prime Minister Sarit Thanarat.

He was flown to Georgetown Hospital in Washington. His office had a staff mcghee 15 women; he admitted that some “could do a better job” than him. But an allied intelligence agency told CIA that a “newspaper clipping service” in Saigon was the probable source.

Malfeasance was on both sides. Open Preview See a Problem? Once a week William Colbythe Far East division chief and later DCIwould review the deaely with Langley comments and pass on “rating sheets” that’d been written up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.