The Sinister Spire (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure , 4th Level) [Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell] on *FREE* shipping. In The Sinister Spire, the darkness grows as the heroes descend into the DD2: The Sinister Spire is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Then a roiling swarm engulfed him. DD2: The Sinister Spire is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONSĀ® adventure designed for four 5th-level characters. Player characters.

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Should another outbreak of disease emerge from the Plagueburst, I doubt anyone will be surprised if it’s the outsiders who get blamed first. The adventure establishes that there sipre some worse things in the world than undead, and iy also reminds the heroes that not all problems can be solved by violence.

How far had he dropped? NoCharacter Family: A strange chitter followed. Numbered, or keyed, areas are described in the initial section of this text.

Then a roiling swarm engulfed him.

If he was in a cave, it must be gigantic. NoCustom Bundle: He tried to lift his hands, but pain flared in answer. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Do something crazy like write a review or session report? Black was his whole world — a blank nothingness, hollow for its unknown depths — eyes open or closed. That’s a delight for DMs who prefer to supply their own NPC history, but possibly frustrating for those who would rather read about NPC history and then work from established canon.


DD2 The Sinister Spire – D&D Wiki

Playing these enemy gangs off against one another may end up being a viable tactic for surface-dwellers. Are you brave enough to explore the spire-city and face the terrors within?

I’m going to enjoy watching the various auctions as they go on. Add into the mix that the heroes’ ally and informant is also undead, and the group of adventurers has some difficult decisions to make in the pursuit of their goal. More Information Edit History.

A few glimmer with faint illumination. The wide, steeply sloping base of the nearest colossal column is carved with streets, walls, and elaborate structures, many with gaping, empty windows. Another clatter came, closer this time. Each encounter contains special tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play.

DD2 The Sinister Spire

As non-human gangs of kuo-toa, grimlocks, and duergar battle the cty’s drow gangs, the local assassin’s guild tries to keep in power in the way that they know best.


Xeron and his underlings succeeded, but their activities attracted too much attention. Hold it together, he told himself. Tags separate by space: A couple of the robbers had moved through a small hole in the floor of the tomb, carrying with them the magic items and the bones.

The Sinister Spire Excerpts

Perhaps they were looking even now but couldn’t find him in the dark. The Sinister Spire is a 5th-level adventure that follows DD1: Although The Sinister Spire is a stand-alone adventure, it is also part of a series, so the end of this journey could lead to a connecting quest. I supported becauseā€¦ “How else you gonna get that sweet, sweet GeekGold?

In a typical game session, you should make it through three to five encounter areas. This Month’s Dragon Magazine. A tactical encounter’s page or pages include a map of the area in which the encounter takes place, notes on setting up the sinistet, monster statistics blocks, and text descriptions of how the terrain and features of the encounter affect play.

The Scouring of the Land. Add a copy to your collection.