Cushcraft R product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). The Cushcraft R multiband vertical covers the 6, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meter bands. The R is a no ground radial antenna. It includes many of the. Specification. Brand: Cushcraft Model: R Frequency Band: 6 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 20 m. Gain: 3 dBi. Type: No Radial Vertical. Description. The R is a 6.

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My antenna analyzer confirms all bands are with in after 0600 the antenna down several times. While 10 meters has not been the hottest band in the Amateur Radio toolkit of late, Iran apparently has found it an ideal spot to operate various rada Bought it from HRO in Denver. My Account Cart Contents Checkout. I replaced the two 86 pF caps in series with a single transmitting high current 47 pF doorknob type.

It has withstood many heavy windstorms without a problem and currently is bent over at about a 10 — 15 degree angle. The heath shrink tubing was carefully removed and the coil, covered with “transparent contact adhesive”, was cleaned with thinner. Those “radials” are in fact a top hat capacitance.

That cuahcraft before MFJ got a hold of them. I took the antenna down and it turns out that water got inside a trap because cracked heath shrink tubing and a split in the joint between the coil former force-fit? The R is a 6 through 20 meter, no ground radial antenna. On the auto transformer are 5 black turns and 6 white turns through the toroid. Eventually fill holes with fibreglass. Contact the site with comments or questions. I have had a lot of antenas in the last 30 years.

Had two 15m traps in the box and no 17m trap. I have not spent the money twice.


Be the first to review this item. Yes a vertical antenna gives some more local noise, but the signals are cushcfaft good that I do not have much trouble with them. It may be necessary at the band edges or with a transistor amplifier, that you have to use a tuner. Which on closer inspection of both the inst. It holds up well in the weather.

On several homepages the transformer is called a 1: It is lightweight and easy to mount for portable or permanent installations. It is lightweight and easy to mount for portable or permanent installations.

Shortwave Vertical Antennas from Cushcraft

There are no traps used on 6, 10 and 15 meters for maximum efficiency and power handling. Ordered and received a brand new R from a well know canadian dealer. I had a little difficulty opening the box at the bottom mainly due to the use of steel screws rather than stainless – but again, given that it had been in the air for some time this was forgivable – I swapped them over anyway as a matter of course.

Cushcraft R The Cushcraft R antenna covers 6 through 20 meter with no ground radials. Make sure that you do not touch any part of the antenna and vary the frequency of a grid dipper meter until a strong dip is seen.

Cushcraft R Vertical Multiband 6,10,12,15,17,20m

Machined aluminum clamps and UV stable insulators guarantee years of reliable service. After placing the Cushcraft to 2.

Perhaps the only downer I have with this antenna is that its ‘only’ supposed to tune down to the 20m band – my atu keeps telling me it’s well happy on80 etc. Request Catalog Download eCatalog.

Then I sanded the insulator for a perfect cylindrically curved shape and applied the last layer and placed the antenna back in the insulator. R means excellent performance, easy installation and use, slim silhouette and high reliability. Engineering the Doublet Antenna December 31, Purchased a new R in August of Once clean, the split should be filled with epoxy glue 2-part polyurethane adhesivethe coil buttered with transparent contact adhesive and reassembled with heath shrink tubing.


The instructions weren’t that great and the design is a little complicated for those not familiar with such things. Most HF rigs today include the 6 meter band so this antenna gives you instant access to the “Magic Band”. The antenna performs well as long as you have the expectation that some of the bands are not very broad banded.

Welcome, Guest Login Create an account. Cushcraft rate it fairly highly for adverse conditions, and while it hasn’t exactly been hurricane season over here in the UK recently, on one or two occasions it has been very windy, I’m glad to say the R hardly swayed at all, perhaps my location helps I would never have considered buying the Cushcraft verticals until a ham friend started bringing his R6 out RV camping It prevents the deterioration of the polyester.

The manual states that this shortened half wave radiator is suited for 1. In vested time and material for a roof edge mount using a dish mount. In addition to the matching network at the base of the antenna, there a some top-load capacity. In stockshipped in 1 or two days. No need radial rods unless it brings, and I could work without problem from 6m to 20m.

The R5 is mounted on a 12 m mast. VSWR 5′ off the ground tuned great, but changed at 40′ It includes many of the features of the R8, R7 and R5 antennas.