Her first novel, Prep, which took her three years to write, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indiana. Prep A Novel Written by Curtis Sittenfeld Prep Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Coming Of Age; Fiction – Sagas Imprint: Random House Trade Paperbacks. PREP By Curtis Sittenfeld. pp. Random House. $ Seemingly bathed in a golden light of good fortune, the wealthy keep pieds-à- terre.

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I was astonished that she was able to remember exactly how many of these situations felt sittenfelld such vividness and sincerity. Of course I will still read her books but with less confidence next time: Feb 05, R. Yet she fails to realize what makes either great.

Sittenfeld was 24 years old when she got to work on the book — and 29 when it published.

Curtis Sittenfeld

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Any immediacy or suspense in the novel is constantly thwarted by flash forwards. For the record, though, I recommend spreading it out across several sittings rather than reading it in one big lump–otherwise you can a become inure to the emotional swings and b you might miss a would-be favorite line.

In the end, I can appreciate what attracted people to this book, making it a surprise success. When you are stuck in the head of someone boring, annoying or frustrating or all three and you just can’t squirm cutis of it because it won’t switch to another more interesting narrator who is doing things besides being passive and just letting her life happen without trying to steer it.

Retrieved from ” https: And, most amazingly, Sittenfeld does curis without trying to make everything better–to make the protagonist more self-aware sittenfels to balm over her misery.

Secrets from the making of the cult novel ‘Prep’ by Curtis Sittenfeld |

I want to lock teenagers in a tower and tell them, NO! It made no sense for such an emotionally sensitive and insightful character and really, she was — she had a lot of potential to have no interests whatsoever beyond her own popularity also thwarted by her utter lack of social skills. It’s not Catcher in the Rye for girls though perhaps if I’d read it at age 14, I’d be singing a different tune.


Jan 08, Charity rated it it was amazing. I also didn’t like how she separated races so much.

It has too much bite to be considered chick-lit, with its extraordinarily detailed narration and its casual indictment of its wealthy and waspy characters. Overall, a highly overrated, extremely dull, racially insulting novel that is a downright waste of time. The story was totally lacking in any direction or action and I nearly gave up at least twice.

The problem is Lee Fiora: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And the whole “romance” part? Now I say “defend” because the book is marketed as chick-lit I don’t care how much reputable praise you list on the back cover; when there’s a pink and green belt cinching your book, you’re chick-litand I was embarrassed to brandish it on the El.

Even a murder thrown in siytenfeld have been cliched but entertaining. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld Goodreads Author. Learn how and sitgenfeld to remove these template messages. Above all, I admire Sittenfeld for writing a novel about a teenage girl that isn’t full of precocious sexual discovery, ironic literary references and pseudo-poetic hyperbole, or familial discord.

Lee has zero growth throughout the entire book until the last 50 pages, when she actually becomes interesting only because she becomes controversial.

At Stanford, she studied creative writing, wrote articles for the college newspaper, and edited curtjs paper’s weekly arts magazine.

She turned sort of pathetic for me. Other books fiction on the subject, such as Black Ice or Oh the Glory of it All, tend to stick to one of two slants: I’m not even ready and I’m old enough to be your mother if I had you very, very young. The book is about a girl that goes to a boarding school, she is shy and quite boringthe book summary explains it. Lee’s decisions are often questionable, her insecurities difficult to reason, and she can often be downright unlikeable, but if we’re being honest with ourselves – weren’t we all?


The happiest days of your life? Come off it

We are similar in a lot of ways, but the book had no real plot. I really want to dip her in a pool of feminism and sithenfeld respect. This was just as true through my rereading as it was the first time around. Typically, the girl starts out struggling, tries to fit in with the popular crowd, misses her hometown, faces many moral problems, and meets a handsome, promising young prep school boy who shows her the ways of love. Jan 26, Sondra rated it really liked it Shelves: She set out to make Prep a commentary on something bigger and achieved it with sittenfdld colors.

PREP reveals the best, the worst, and the mediocre of teenage years. But it just ruined the book for me. PREP is about a young girl from the midwest who attends a fancy New England Prep school in I think the decade of the s — this by the lack of emailing, cell phones, phones in pfep etc.