Legislative Programme, CABINET. BROADCASTING AND TELEVISION. Mpmnr^ndum by the .. THE COBBOLD COMMISSION REPORT. () by the Commission of Enquiry in North Borneo and Sarawak Regarding the formation See also: The Malaysia, Report of the Inter-Governmental Committee, Report of obedient servant,⁠ COBBOLD. ⁠A Commission under the chairmanship of Lord Cobbold visited North Borneo and Sarawak between February and April, and its Report.

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Similarly, the above U.

File:Report of the commission of enquirynorth borneo & sarawak & igc pdf – Wikimedia Commons

reporr Public domain Public domain false false. Cardinal Principles of the rule of the English Rajah. Its task was to work out the future constitutional arangements, including safeguards for the special interests of North Borneo and Sarawak to cover such matters as religious freedom, education, representation in the Federal Parliarment the position of the indigenous races, control of immigration, reporf and the State Constitutions.

We are glad to be able to record that full advantage was taken of this invitation and that as a result we were able to meet and talk with large numbers representative individuals and bodies, many of whom had submitted written memoranda which we were able to discuss with them.

Public domain Public domain false false. Consequently in few watexts the recommendations are formulated in gerenal term applicable to the whole of Malaysia and the Committee has expressed the hope that these recommendations will be acceptable in relation to Singapore and, should Brunei join the Federation, that State.

We also recognised contributions of Jos Lariosa. The idea of a political association between Malaya, Singapore and the three Borneo territories of North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei has been discussed many years.

There was no proof that a Referendum ever took place in Sabah or Sarawak. INTI fashion show unravels 15 young talents. All our hearings were conducted in repor. The London discussions were held from the 20th—22nd November,and a Joint Statement by the British and Malayan Governments was issued on the 23rd November, Views Read Edit View history. If the file cobbolr been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

If the conditions and reservations which they have put forward could be substantially met, the second category referred to above would generally support the proposals. The Special Committee on Decolonization also known as the U.


THE COBBOLD COMMISSION: Giving people a voice

In International Law only sovereign or sovereign state can cede or accept cession from another sovereign or sovereign state. By Nilakrisna James Note: This is subject to undertaking immigration set out in paragraph to of the report. The unlawful Sabah transfer based on deception of a non- existent Referendum was an unconscionable act of Great Britain and Malaysia and they are both liable under the law.

In other languages Add links. The setting up of the Malaysia Solidarity Consultative Committee following a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Regional Conference in Singapore in July also resulted in useful unofficial exchanges of views between representatives from Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak including unofficials members of the Legislative Council and Council Negritogether with observers from Brunei.

On the 26th September,the following motion was adopted without dissent by the Council Negri of Sarawak: Retrieved from ” https: Our mission is to give young adults a voice and a face in the news, and the chance to tell us what’s relevant to them whether it’s through this site’s forums, email, our Facebook and twitter pages. Kuching the chill capital of Sarawak. A Memorandum setting out Heads of Agreement for the proposed merger was published as a Singapore White Paper [2] on the 15th November, Chia Chin Shin to represent Sarawak on this Committe, and.

The Federation will consist of the States of existing Federation of Malaya, Sabah at present known as North BorneoSarawak, and Singapore and also agreement is reached on the admission of Brunei, that State, The name of the Federation shall be Malaysia. Outline Index Book Category Portal. File change date and time Such documents include “legislative enactments, judicial decisions, administrative rulings, public ordinances, or similar types of official legal materials.

This is because it is one of the following: Pages with override author. The first Sub-committe meeting was held in Jesselton on the 8th October, and the series of meeting concluded with Plenary meeting in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th, 19th and 20th Desember.

There will remain a hard core, vocal and politically active, which will oppose Malaysia on any terms unless it is preceded by independence and self-government: The chairman of the commission was the Governor of the Bank of England, Lord Cameron Cobbold whom the commission was named after.

Here is the evidence and proof. It was noted that the agreement of the Government of the Federation to the recommendations contained in this report is subject to the consent of Conference of Rulers to the proposed amendemants to Articles 38, 70 and being obtained before the coclusion of the formal agreement referred to in paragraph II.


The following other wikis use this file: The Malaysian Federation was fraudulent and must be nullified.

Most groups appointed one or more of their number to act as spokesman, and we took pains to ensure as far as possible that anyone else who wished to 9162 a different view, or to contribute additional points, was given full opportunity to do so. Tunku Abdul Rahman’s constructive proposals were welcomed by the British Government, and it was announced on the 13th October that he had accepted an invitation to come to London in November commiswion discussions with the object of reaching an understanding on the broad issues and to prepare the way for consultation with the Borneo territories without which no commitment could be entered into.

Cobbold Commission reported their results and recommendations on Aug 1, In the light of the Report of the agreement reached between the Government of Malaya and the Government of Singapore, the British and Malayan Government decided principle that, subject to the necessary legislation, the proposal Federation of Malaysia should be brought into being by the 31st August But certain of the Committee’s recommendations, for example regarding the composition of the Federal Supreme Court, and the establishment of territorial High Courts are in some respects necessarily of general application and in other respect such that a considerable degree of uniformity is clearly durable.

Cobbold Commission Report – PDF Free Download

You must, where you do any of the above: You are free to: You must, where you do any of the above: This work created by the United Kingdom Government is in the public domain. View more global usage of this file. There cobbo,d been much discussion on the subject in the local Press which continued throughout our visit.

Retrieved from ” https: UN Security Council Resolution