THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPING. (WITH AMENDMENTS / SUPPLEMENTS. TO THE CINI HANDBOOK). Document nr.: PIP – This specification has. atta&ible with thermal insulation in building wall and piping . This handbook of thermal insulation applications vas prepared by EM4C. ducts and steam pipe systems with operating temperatures that are constantly above °C. CINI Manual “Insulation for industries”. CINI recommends applying .

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Stilling Well Recommendations White Paper June 24, Stilling Well Recommendations This document describes general requirements for stilling wells used for radar tank gauging applications. The CINI Manual deals with hot, cold and cryogenic insulation systems on pipelines and fittings, equipment and storage tanks.

VDIor other standards if specified by the Principal, shall be used to calculate the contribution of convection. Table of Contents Page: The phenomenon of CUI is often underestimated, as it will occur years after completion of a project.

The responsibility of the engineer is More information. The following handnook indicates vulnerabilities to CUI: The potential cost and safety implications are enormous, and therefore insulation systems shall be designed according to categories that indicate vulnerability to CUI and are related to the process temperatures. Information in-flow to a fabrication drawing Since a large insulation thickness may result in handbookk extra capital costs for pipe bridges, civil work, etc.

The last layer of preformed section may include the primary vapour barrier and jacketing.

CINI Manual “Insulation for Industries”

Insulation collars, insulaion not provided by the equipment Vendor, shall be fitted to avoid any water ingress handbooj Appendix 9. The jacketing system shall be as indicated in DEP Gen. Also acoustic insulation is included. Section includes, but is not limited to, design and furnishing portable davits, davit sleeves, dvit bases, four 4 removable outriggers, More information.


General product information 3. The thickness of hot insulation shall be calculated on the basis of local data on insulation, energy costs and capital charge factor. Dip tank operations involving flammable More information. The CINI Manual is updated on an annually basis, to include the latest developments and to maintain it as the state-of-the-art standard. The jacketing shall provide protection against water and weather, fire if requiredoil spillage, mechanical wear or other damage.

The EPDM foil protects the multiplex foil against mechanical damage. All materials and application methods shall be selected to suit local weather and environmental conditions.

In many More information. Solar radiation shall be taken into account. The top metal sheet cni overlap the bottom metal sheet and the top part of the EPDM foil shall overlap the bottom part and shall ineulation bonded together.

Personnel protection for cold insulation is normally not required, only if indicated by the Principal. Alternatively, mattresses may fit in complicated configurations, but water ingress shall be avoided. The responsibility of the engineer is. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be reproduced, stored in any insukation system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, reprographic, recording or otherwise without the prior written consent of the copyright owners.

Cini :: CINI manual “Insulation in Industry”

Insulatuon thickness of cold insulation systems shall be calculated on the following basis: Over the last years of model boiler making the only real change in construction methods has been the change over from rivets and caulking More information. The requirements for pipe material and installation in sewer and drainage collection systems.

The mechanical vertical and horizontal loads should be obtained from the pipe support drawings e. For smaller pipe diameters metal jacketing is not recommended.

Before insulation work commences the Insulation Contractor shall observe the weather conditions and shall take temporary precautions if necessary to ensure proper application.


Insulation adjacent to flanges in piping and equipment shall be terminated to allow removal of bolts without damage to that insulation. All metal surfaces under insulation shall be suitably protected with a complete paint system in accordance with DEP Gen. Introduction The coating of profiled sheet roofs in order to extend the waterproofing life of such structures has insuulation.

Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of Shell International Oil Products B. Cavity Drain R20 is manufactured from1.

CINI manual

The copyright of this document is vested in these companies. These specifications may be used in whole or in part by any party without.

This is of particular importance where DEPs may not cover every requirement or diversity of condition at each locality. The input data shall be used in conjunction with software e. Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials Chapter 2 Basis haandbook design cin materials 2. Drainage outlets should be provided to give visible indication of possible valve or flange leakage. All of these questions will be answered More information. All insulation products shall More information.

Pipe Clamps and Accessories Products 4. Once-through cooling needs large natural bodies of water. Insulation material for this duty is normally cellular glass. The use of mobile manufacturing facilities e. Jansen, Peutz Consulting Engineers, The Netherlands, emphasise the need for an adequate pipe noise control procedure, with reference to the hadbook phase, insulation. Other systems are available for specific uses.

The product should be delivered on site in two components ready for use.