CHEESE. Willem Elsschot, Author, Paul Vincent, Translator, trans. from the Dutch by Paul Vincent. Granta $ (p) ISBN X. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cheese by Willem Elsschot. Cheese. Willem Elsschot. Since its publication in English in , ‘Cheese’ has conquered the world with translations in almost 30 languages. The novella deals .

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Cheese is one of the very few comic novels that is able to escape its era and its culture. They were now facing away from the window instead of the other way around. Willem Elsschot Cheese Ida de Ridder published her memoirs of her father Alfons de Ridder, the man who gained fame as a writer under the willwm Willem Elsschot Everyone eventually daydreams about leaving our daily jobs and making it on our own. In early s Amsterdam, a friend chfese a friend offers year-old Frans Laarmans a position as an Edam cheese distributor.

When he is informed that his supervisor is en route to meet him and settle accounts, Laarmans frantically struggles to make a sale.

Cheese – Willem Elsschot

Show 25 25 50 All. I feel there is another level that maybe we miss that is some what Belgium humourI was reminded of what Jonathan meades observations about the odd ways belgium is so different yet so close to us the quirky way they have small museums for everything and the way each street is individual in their look.

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Cheese is amusingly related, and Laarmans a good narrator, slightly overwhelmed by everything he faces and pretty consistently making if not the wrong, so at least very poor choices. Its red rind and yellow-orange flesh have been forever altered, especially after reading Willem Elsschot’s Cheese. But Mr Van Schoonbeke could own his car if he wished, and no one knows this better than his friends.


Cheeee my chair slid backward, as though of its own accord. He finally makes a small sale to the businessmen wiplem Von Schoonbeke’s circle.

Share Print Tweet Email. When the ambitious but inept clerk Frans Laarmans is offered a job managing an Edam distribution company in Antwerp, he jumps at the chance, despite his professed dislike for cheese in all its forms.

Silent Extras Alexander Ikonnikov: Elsschot is considered one of the most distinguished twentieth century Flemish writers.

Cheese by Willem Elsschot | Winstonsdad’s Blog

I said and still hold by it that humour is hard to translate, in parts it works. The complete review ‘s Review:. For the ensuing weeks, he tracks down office supplies–second-hand desks, typewriters, a telephone–and gets his office arranged. He spends ages thinking up a name for his company, trying to find a typewriter, marvelling at his new telephone, writing advertisements for agents his own adverts impress him so much he feels like cherse them himself.

The Best Books of Though written almost seventy years willfm, its situations are as fresh as today’s office place. It can be read in two days, perhaps less. It could also be a perfect read the week after the sunburn peels. I am reading another book translated from the Dutch right now, Evenings. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Frans Laarmans is the main character of this bookhe starts as a clerk in the novel in Antwerp. Anytime I’ve heard the Dutch speak English, they say lorry for truck and cheek for ellsschot.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Alfons de Ridder, the head of a successful advertising agency, had never said a word about his writing at home. The small trim size, bright jacket and low price point may make this an appealing gift buy, though Elsschot’s particular brand of dry humor won’t be to everyone’s taste. Blog Statshits. He places an ad for salesmen, but he never sells cheese, a product that he eventually admits his dislike for.

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He eventually appoints thirty agents throughout the country to sell his product, but isn’t very good at picking the appropriate people and, as it turns out, isn’t aware of the rare occasions he does.

Eventually, he makes a small sale of two cases to the cheeseshop, leaving him still with tons in storage. Every sentence has the expressive power of pure poetry. Meanwhile, his cheese sits stinking in a warehouse.

Ultimately disillusioned, Laarmans ends up back in his job as clerk. He will sell cheese, tons of it, even elsachot he has no sales experience.

Fiction cheesse, Humour Tags: Laarmans has some ideas about how business works, but little practical sense. Emma Mar 04, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

There had been quite a number of changes at the office in those few weeks.

Willem Elsschot

I especially love the use of “cheesified,” a neologism that enriches the English language. He works for the general Marine and Shipbuilding Company and, “getting on for fifty”, long reached as high a position and wage as he can expect there; in fact he’s expecting the gradual decline in his pay that is the norm at the company once an employee like him has made it this far.

So many comic novels, and comic writings in general, feel as if they were plastic-wrapped American singles. And, like any good cheese, its aroma and flavor lingers.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The book deals with an episode in the life of Frans Laarmans, a clerk who is suddenly made chief representative in Belgium and Luxembourg of a Dutch cheese company.