BUZ10 Transistor Datasheet, BUZ10 Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. BUZ10 datasheet, BUZ10 circuit, BUZ10 data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – N – CHANNEL 50V – W – 23A TO STripFET] MOSFET,alldatasheet. BUZ10 MOSFET N-CHANNEL 50V 23A TO STMicroelectronics datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for.

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BUZ10_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

The Miller capacitance can be in the thousands of picofarads when switching high voltages quickly. BUZ10 Hoja de datos: It uses more current than even a transistor but is purpose-built to switch these sorts of loads under these conditions. Do I need to use some Driver ICs? Your name or email address: Taking a step back, I am looking to drive 9 or so LED’s from a prop.

Remember that the driver sees the gate to source capacitance typically several hundred picofarads in parallel with the Miller capacitance.

Go to shop and buy yourself a proper mosfet transistor. Am I more concerned with current then voltage? Jun 28, 8. I could just use relays and my girlfriend wonders why if I have a solution I need to find another but I’d like to prove to myself that I can do it with transistors. Sign In or Register to comment. Oct 26, Comments 10 Comments sorted by Date Added Votes.

N – Channel 50v – 0.06w – 23a To-220 Stripfet] Mosfet

Actually, a standard automotive relay wouldn’t be a bad choice either. Then you no need to worry about beta bus10 the base current. Heres 2 possible examples-one using a fet to switch a load and the other a transistor with a relay to switch a load -its not set in stone and its your choice See my thoughts bjz10. How to choose a substitute transistor when an exact replacement isn’ t available. After the recording, the user can start to order the circuit to recognize his or hervoice.


I have been working on the project for awhile, but running into too many walls. It will have the lowest heat dissipation and probably won’t require a heat sink. Abstract One of the functions of a digital clock is to wake us from sleep, in order to perform the activities as scheduled. I know high power leds like these very well, I have made a design myself that used luxeon 3 leds and rebel leds. Have I made any mistakes? I was looking at the following link I found thru the mouser link Pdf is the data sheet for the following electronic components: Using transistor to switch 12v load from a 24v signal Reply to Thread.

They are high power LED’s that require about mA of constant current.

If I look at the data sheet correctly, I could hook a prop pin thru a 1k resistor to the control pin on the driver IC and use PWM for dimming? I can’t just change the bulbs as I still need to use the trailer with a 12V car as well. The maximum rating on these leds is around ma.

Jun 29, Download or read online Siemens. The PICList is archived three different ways. Automotive modifications on any kind are not allowed for topics here.

Com Datasheets for electronics components. Download or read online Siemens Semiconductor.

High quality BUZ10/A BCR2PM-12L BOM4 IC In Stock

This datasheet has been download from:. The list server can filter out subtopics like ads dattasheet off topics for you. Hi I appreciate that my question maybe a bit basic but I’m trying to get back dwtasheet electronics after a large number of years away, so please be gentle with the replies I need to collect the electrics of a 12v bike trailer turn indicators, stop lights etc to a towing vehicle with a 24v system.


With regard to the “dirtiness of the voltage supply”, yes it’s powered by an automotive system albeit one that probably has a cleaner supply than most with shielded cables for reasons I can go into if you want. The circuit also has other function which is the speech recognition. I would suggest using a bipolar transistor circuit similar to huz10 one attached.

My final project will have mA redmA greenmA bluemA whitein which I will try to use a prop to control the brightness of each color Txt or read online for free. Something that might be I2C in, and variable variable current out?

Brightness of LEDs depends mostly on the current. Oxygen Electronics is committed to fighting counterfeiting. Buz mcscv yamaha ax cara mengisi ic. The input voltage must be high enough to overcome the sum of the 3 leds forward voltage drops plus whatever the driver chip requires.

I guess I am liking the idea of an actual driver IC because I am going to be making a large quanity of these, that it will be less components.