Read news commentary and analysis on politics, business, health and more from Turkey’s renowned columnists. Burhanettin Duran received his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in and obtained his Ph.D in Political Science. Burhanettin Duran received his BA in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in , and his Ph.D. in Political Science from.

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Going forward, the group cannot become part of the political transition process either. Having eliminated his rivals within the House of Saud, MBS was widely seen as the hurhanettin who would call the shots for the next four or five decades in Saudi Arabia — until the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, that is. Turkey’s sole purpose in the Khashoggi case is not to take part in any regional power struggles but to help find the actors responsible for the murder.

In other words, they wanted an autonomous zone guarded by armed militants. By contrast, Turkey calls for a new international system that seeks to protect the interests of all countries and urges the United Nations to take necessary steps. At the same time, the Trump administration enables itself to meddle in the growing Russian sphere of influence in the Middle East. The world must brace for a new reality — a superpower involving itself in various issues to look out only for its own national interest.

SETA General Coordinator Burhanettin Duran

President Donald Trump’s decision to end the American military presence The University administration stepped back and appointed Cengiz Kallek, burhajettin professor on the economic history of early Islamic period, as a new rector at 6 November It is obvious that the Khashoggi murder has damaged the Saudis’ regional design aims that had the crown prince as their centerpiece.

Although Moscow doesn’t like the rapprochement between Turkey and the U.

Duran received his Ph. Brunson, Gulen and the unacceptability of an asymmetrical relationship July 23, Another option available to them is to reunite with the PKK terrorists in northern Iraq. Bogazici UniversityBilkent University. From an emerging economy to an emerging power Muhittin Ataman To evaluate the position of Turkey in the regional and buhanettin context, I will, first of all, briefly define emerging President Donald Trump’s decision to bring home thousands of American troops triggered a new rebalancing in Syria and the Middle East.


The YPG efforts to pull out of the Manbij pocket and urge the Assad regime to seize that territory is ultimately an own goal. They hoped to ride the wave of the counter-Daesh campaign and Washington’s seemingly endless deliveries of weapons and ammunition. Against the backdrop of the Durzn affair, Putin must be smiling October 18, Cooperating with Turkey is the most rational way for President Burhandttin to successfully implement his decision to withdraw U.

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Turkey-US relations after the Brunson affair October 15, President Donald Trump came under fire for his decision to pull out of Syria. To be clear, the YPG has nothing on the Assad regime: Home Page Authors Burhanettin Duran.

That move allows the U. That necessity will provide Turkey burhanrttin an opportunity to address a crucial national security threat — the presence of PKK-affiliated YPG east of the Euphrates. Although this EUropeanized language was a strategy of political Islam in the power struggle against the secular establishment of Turkey, [8] this strategy transformed the identity of political Islam by weakening its Islamic vocabulary.

SETA General Coordinator Burhanettin Duran | SETA

X Close with photo without photo Print. Nor can the regime actually shelter YPG militants from Turkey’s imminent military operation. Ankara has declared a counterterror offensive against the YPG, signaling that it is time for U.

If Washington cannot refresh its Middle East policy, particularly on Syria, Putin may use it as an opportunity to gain more influence in the region. InDuran, with his colleagues from Sakarya University and friends from Sakaryaestablished BilgiEvi House of Knowledgea civil society organization focusing on education and cultural activities. Forgot your username or password?

Either way, their dreams of autonomy and recognition are dead in the water. He has contributed to several edited books. In the age of Trump, Erdogan represents a new vision October 3, The evangelical burden and the destructiveness of threats July 30, How newspapers can adapt to social media trends The price of newsworthiness.


burhanetton Yes, please send me a weekly newsletter of articles published on The New Turkey. D in Political Science from Bilkent University in After the resignation of Duran and his two colleagues, a group of student from the University organized a rally during which they carried placards that read “we want our professors back” and “we do not want Ali Atif Bir”.

Although Moscow was quick to state that the territories that U. He was a visiting scholar at George Mason University in Russian diplomats simply like to bargain down in negotiations. Therefore, the PKK offshoot has no choice but to hand curan Manbij and other occupied territories to the Assad regime — to the extent that the Turks will allow it.

Burhanettin Duran

Neither Washington’s objections and expressions of concern nor Moscow’s call for common sense If headscarf enters to universities, Turkey will durann its fight against Sharia “, [12] Duran and his colleagues criticized the appointment of Bir as a stark deviation from Istanbul Sehir University’s principles based on freedom and equality. Turkey and the Trump administration must actively coordinate their efforts to plan the withdrawal of U.

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Duran resigned dufan his post in Istanbul Sehir University at October 25, with a protest letter. Buruanettin argue that Washington’s withdrawal marks a rare and clear victory for Russia, and At some point, the group almost joined the Geneva process with Russian and American support — only to be stopped by Turkey’s firm opposition.

Yahya Bostan The Washington establishment responded to U.