Bungkil Kelapa Sawit, Find Complete Details about Bungkil Kelapa Sawit, Bungkil Kelapa Sawit from Other Agriculture Products Supplier or Manufacturer- Enox. We want to import palm kernel cake or bungkil kelapa sawit for animal feed. Quantity Required: MT Shipping Terms: CIF Destination Port: Karachi. Pengaruh Proteksi Protein Bungkil Kelapa Sawit Dengan Tanin Terhadap Fermentabilitasnya Secara in Vitro. Arnov Yusuf Bakhtiar • Sutrisno Sutrisno • Sunarso.

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One alternative to improve feed quali- ty was solid substrate fermentation using mold that enabled degradability of indigestible material to be more available and eventually increased nutritional value. Accordingly, the energy source here was car- bohydrate contained in palm kernel cake and nitrogen source was the supplemented urea. Ash kelpaa composed of Ca, Mg, P and micro.

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The objec- kkelapa of this research was to evaluate the nutritional value of non-fermented palm kernel cake and palm kernel cake fer- mented using Candida utilis as mannose-enriched feed.

Microbial activity used carbohydrate as carbon source.

PKC for fer- mentation was placed on plastic tray, covered with aluminum foil and aerated by punching holesaswit incubated in fer- menter at 36 – 37 O C for 48 hours. Fermentation process caused degrada- bubgkil in certain enzymes against the indigestible materials, cel- lulose and hemicellulose for instance, into simple glucose.


N-free Extract NFE in fermented palm kernel cake was significantly decreasing. Carbohydrate was degraded by microbe into energy and CO 2 for the cell life to improve Candida utilis and eventually produced higher cell protein.

Research apparatus included laminar, autoclave, Memmert. Lignin statistical value in fermented PKC was not significant.

Bungkil Kelapa Sawit cake

Accordingly, cellulose content in this research was the remaining cellulose in substrate and the one formed by the microbe as one of cell components.

It was different from observation by [5] that fat content decreased in palm kernel cake substrate fermented using Candida utilis. Lignin is resistant to chemical degradation including enzymatic.

Evaluasi pemanfaatan bungkil inti sawit yang difermentasi Aspergillus nigerhidrolisat tepung bulu eklapa dan suplementasi mineral Zn dalam ransum ayam pedaging. In line bung,il Satiawiharja [20] on fermentation product, medium func- bugkil as the source of carbon, nitrogen and energy.

Expansions on oil palm plantation are under constant improvement, particularly those recently developed in Kalimantan and Irian. Hemicellulose molecule had shorter chain than cel- lulose and was soluble in hot acidic solution [26].

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Mannanase enzyme excreted by Candida utilis hydrolyzed mannane into man- nose. All chemicals namely 1,3 g KH 2 PO 4. Sedayu- BantulIndonesia. Hemicellulose is hydrolysable non-crystal like. The increasing protein content in PKC was assumed to result from supplementation of inorganic N source urea and mineral into substrate and microbial activity that caused proper substrate degradation. Crude fiber in fermentation product also increased, as as- sumed to result from microbial growth that required some food substance, among which was crude fiber as substrate.


Gadjah Mada University Press, Yogyakarta. By lipase enzyme activity, fat content in fermentation product decreased.

Alternatives to con- ventional microbials in swine diets. Two-day fermentation of palm kernel cake using Candida utilis provided the essential nutrition for poultry by increasing crude protein, hemicellulose, and mannose. Malaysian Society of Animal Productions.

If both components was catalyzed by transfer- ase inside golgi, glucomannane would form. Stratiomyidae pada Bungkil Kelapa Sawit. Open Access Library JournalVol.

PKC cell wall components con- sisted of Mannane from oil palm generally posses strong hardness, high crystalline and is water-insoluble.

Living organism needs very little mineral for me- tabolism [22] and not all of them were made into new compounds, even mostly served as co-factor in enzyme activity which woud return as original mineral after enzyme reaction. Low palatability of palm kernel cake on non ruminants made it necessary to supply other palatable feed.

Proximate analy- sis with AOAC method was conducted to obtain nutrient con- tent data, while fiber fraction analysis was subject to Chesoon method[16]. Palm kernel mealrice branthe production of black soldier fly maggot Hermetia illucensReferences: This com- pound bound with cellulose and lignin through Hydrogen Bridge.