Abassi O, Sadraoui A, Elharrar N. Les lésions caustiques du tractus digestif supérieur. 14 Mourey F, Martin L, Jacob L. Brûlures caustiques de l’œsophage. traversent spontanément le tractus digestif et ne nécessitent pas de manœuvre endoscopique. (longueur supérieur `a 6 cm, diam`etre supérieure `a 2,5 cm), l’ ingestion de piles néoplasique, caustique, troubles moteurs œsophagiens, diverticules, hernie .. `a l’origine de quatre types de lésions: brûlures électriques. B. () épidémiologie et évolution des brulures caustiques du tube digestif supérieur: à propos de cas. Journal Africain d’Hépato-Gastroentérologie, 3.

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An Audit of 58 Patients.

Ann Chir ; The colon was the transplant of choice used in our patients. Sugawa C, Lucas CE. In addition, transhiatal esophagectomy, by a laparoscopic approach would be better [12]. Besides, this reconstruction varies according to the authors. Gut ; Ingestion of acid and alkaline agents: Caustic burn and carcinoma of the esophagus. To report our experience of the esophageal plasty for caustic stenosis of the esophagus.

The role of fiberoptic endoscopy in the management of corrosive ingestion and modified endoscopic classification of burns. The esophageal plasty was indicated after failure of a dilation with the candles in 2 cases and before impassable stenosis in 7 cases. After a follow-up of 6 months to 9 years, we noted a case of dysphagia.

Tran Bihan, Françoise

Patients ranged in age from 25 to 53 years. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 21, The esophageal plasty is effective but of last resort. The morbidity is a source of surgical resumption and a long duration of hospitalization which generates very important financial costs.


A daily dressing was performed in two patients who had parietal suppuration. Chir Pediatr ; Arch Fr Pediatr ; Ann Surg ; The fight tracgus ingestion of caustic substances in adults is difficult. The study was conducted in compliance with clinical trial legislation and approved by a national ethics committee. The transplant, always placed in retro sternal position, was caustiquws in 8 cases and gastric in one case.

Moreover, in our work context, The majority of the patients did not manage to honor the medi- cinal prescriptions. Epidemiology and prevention of caustic ingestion in children. OJTS Most popular papers.

Ann Otol Laryngol ; dgiestif The patients characteristics and the type of transplant used are summarized in Table 1. Surgery for caustic stenosis of the esophagus in adults is rarely practiced in our country. An evaluation of the poison prevention packaging act. Our preference was the colon. Clin Otolaryngol ; The pneumatic dilation allow to avoid this intervention in the cases of limited stenosis which are rarely met [2].

Tran Bihan, Françoise [WorldCat Identities]

Steroids for the treatment of corrosive esophageal injury: Eur J Pediatr ; Effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide on the retinal vasculature in humans. The culmination of all the cicatricial processes of the pharyngeal lesions and of the cervical esophagus is the main factor that determines the delay of the reconstruction [15]. Long term results of endoscopic dilatation for corrosive oesophageal structures. All patients were operated under general anesthesia after a previous colic preparation administration of 4 bags of FORTRANS in 3 liters of water, orally on the eve of surgery.


Indeed, Caesar Roux, was the first one in to make an esophageal plastiy using a jejunal transplant in pre sternal at a year-old child victim of a caustic stenosis of the esophagus. With regard to the transplant. However, the results of the dilation are mediocre in the adult because of the severity of the initial lesions [4].

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

What is the utility of selected clinical and endoscopic parameters in predicting the risk of death after caustic ingestion? Gastric tubes are excellent esophageal substitutes, with reliable vascularization, better than that of the colon. In Burkina Faso, surgical management of caustic stenosis of the esophagus in adults is rarely practiced. Prevention of experimental esophageal stricture by cortisone. The small intestine has been used very little because of its unfavorable vascularity and the stomach is less usable, due to the existence of lesions within it or a resection performed during the initial intervention [3] [12] [17].

Clin Toxicol ; The surgical approach is abdominal and cervical. Prediction of complications following unintentional caustic ingestion in children.

Esophageal Replacements for Caustic Esophageal Stenosis in Adults about 9 Cases in Ouagadougou

In addition, stabilization of the patient on the psychiatric plane is essential before any esophageal plasty [8]. Rev Prat ; A concomitant gastrectomy is frequently performed in case of necrosis of the stomach [1] [3]. In the Chien et al.