image of The Bodhidharma Anthology – The Earliest Records of Zen by: Jeffrey L. In the early part of this century, the discovery of a walled-up cave in northwest. One of these recovered Zen texts is the Bodhidharma Anthology, a collection of seven pieces. Of the numerous texts now attributed to Bodhidharma, the “first. (English:) Bodhidharma: The Treatise on the Two Entrances and Four Practices ( Magyar:) .. Broughton, Jeffrey L. The Bodhidharma Anthology: The Earliest.

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This term appears at the bodhidarma of the Biography and in the following Two Entrances. Mortals who don’t understand true practice and blindly perform good deeds are born into the three higher states of existence within the three realms. The mind’s not being connected to anything is liberation. In fact, these epitaphs were products of the struggle for hegemony among various factions of Chan.

Yuan’s relentless boldness prefigures much in the stance of the full-blown Zen tradition. How could you use nirvana to seek nirvana? He cried out throughout the night.

Because the two truths are dual, it is not oneness. Reality has no high or low. Even though the Hinayana illuminates the void, it does not illuminate the nonvoid. Sailum or modern day Srisailam. In the case of the rolling-up mode, without seeing the arising of mind and bodhdharma examining understanding or practice, trust to the feelings in your actions and intrinsically dwell in the Dharma of the Buddhas.


Theres no mind for motion to exist apart from, and no motion for mind to exist apart from. And fifth is liberation, the liberation of your mind from worldly contamination. Since a clear mind is the Antjology they attain the understanding of a Buddha without using the mind. If it weren’t for affliction, there would be nothing to create awareness.

Kata Awal adalah Kata Akhir in Indonesian. According to Master Yuan, if one has spirit and does not seek anything, including the teachings of Buddhism, then one will attain the quietude of liberation. A raft isn’t real. It’s like stripping bark from a tree. This is the delight that comes from acting in accordance with the Dharma.


The Bodhidharma Anthology by Jeffrey L. Broughton – Paperback – University of California Press

By lighting this lamp of perfect awareness they dispel all darkness and delusion. Whatever is [seen is all a manifestation of one’s own] mind. The Ancient PastNew York: In anthokogy there is not one dharma that extinguishes. The three realms correspond to the three poisons- greed corresponds to the realm of desire, anger to the realm of form, and delusion to the formless realm.

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Bodhidharma – Wikipedia

It’s subtle and hard to perceive. Though Bodhidharma is here referred to as the 2!

However, sages know the nature of this error and so know that all dharmas are void and nonarising. This is the Bovhidharma of the Buddhist fold.

Bodhidharma Anthology, The

If you haven’t awakened to this great truth, you’d better look for a teacher on earth or in the heavens. Whoever sees his nature is a Buddha.

Once the three poisons obscure your real self, how can you be called liberated until you overcome their countless evil thoughts? When you do not yet know, in your own mind you falsely calculate movement and quiescence. When you understand, there is nothing for delusion to be deluded about, nothing for understanding to understand.

Just know your mind. Because it arises due to conditions, it is not nonexistent.