Using ProjectWise is much like using Windows Explorer for storing and working In certain applications such as Microsoft Office and Bentley products, it is good . Quick Reference Guide Complete the ProjectWise User Request Form. After verifying that the Bentley Systems programs were installed, close the control. Also see the ProjectWise Implementation Guide PDF that is delivered with ProjectWise Consult the Bentley website for the latest information on this and other.

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Per Bentley Systems website ; “ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and AECO information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations AECO of infrastructure projects.

ProjectWise PW is designed to house and organize all project related documents, including but not limited to MicroStation design files, Geopak files, all Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, text files, images, etc. Users can bent,ey any document type within ProjectWise and configure ProjectWise to launch a specific application for each document type. SCDOT is currently using ProjectWise to manage electronic submission and retrieval of proposals, templates and project documents from Engineering Firms.


SCDOT’s future goal is to fully utilize ProjectWise to store and backup project documents, share data across project teams to include primary consultants no matter where they are located, and provide SCDOT project managers with additional bentpey to manage their engineering projects.

ProjectWise is collaboration software, therefore users have access to working project documents based on their security privileges, even if they are off-site.

Users will no longer have to extensively search for documents or be concerned with the document being the most current version. ProjectWise has a robust search engine which allows users to search by document attributes or key words within a file using the full-text search capability.

Users will no longer have to be concerned with unauthorized access to their documents. ProjectWise is configured to only allow individuals who have the appropriate security privileges to access documents.

ProjectWise technology will improve the quality of work, save all parties time, help ensure project deadlines are met, and will reduce project cost. A ProjectWise account is how individuals are identified in ProjectWise in order to track document submissions. The individual’s account will then be disabled and removed from the firm’s work group. For installation instructions, uploading and retrieval procedures, please refer to the Electronic Submission and Retrieval Guide.

All new accounts requested must be received 72 business hours mwnual to the proposal deadline indicated in the solicitation. ProjectWise can be used via a web client.


Utah Department of Transportation

For installation instructions and uploading procedures, please refer to the Electronic Submission and Retrieval Guide. ProjectWise Web client is an internet based client that requires the use of Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

This Active X bentpey will likely require computer administrator privileges. Engineering Firms are encouraged to upload a document into their company folder under the project called “Test” the first time they access the SCDOT ProjectWise system to ensure the system is working properly on their computer.

What is ProjectWise?

Engineering Firms are strongly encouraged to upload proposals at least 48 business hours before the proposal deadline indicated in the solicitation. How is ProjectWise Beneficial to Users?

Electronic Proposal Submission Account Requirements All new accounts requested must be received 72 business hours prior to the proposal deadline manuaal in the solicitation.