The V. Rev. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the. More than just an apologia for becoming Eastern Orthodox, Peter Gillquist’s book is an important chapter in the history of American Evangelicalism. Gillquist. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the magazine.

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He gives the most argument for his beliefs in this section. Views Read Edit View history. But here I am, all these years later. Retrieved from ” https: Born in Minneapolis, MinnesotaGillquist grew up nominally Lutheran.

Fr Guilquist and many other leaders of this movement started their Christian occupations in the s and s as activists for Campus Crusade for Christ.

So he took his leave in the late seventies. I would say the greatest favor we can do to help those who are not Orthodox is to fully live this spiritual life.

Peter E. Gillquist

After several years with Campus Crusade, Gillquist worked for three years at the University of Memphisthen for 11 years with Thomas Nelson Publishing in Nashvillewhere he eventually became a senior editor. We all remember back to some of the weird stuff that happened in the charismatic giklquist, some of the excesses, in the seventies and peeter years that followed.

One of the things I learned as a communications major about interpersonal communication, particularly when you are going to be communicating with those of another culture is you learn about them and adapt to their preference.

A man who was very close to me personally petter with us on the journey until we came to the place in our study where we saw that the Church viewed the bread and wine of Communion as the body and blood of Christ in a mystery.

Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith by Peter E. Gillquist

Do you think the Evangelical Orthodox movement has changed the world? What shocked us was the way the Orthodox worshipped. Gillquist and other EOC leaders traveled to Istanbul to meet with Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople but were unable to complete any substantial progress toward their goal.

While still on staff at Campus Crusade, Gillquist and some of his colleagues began studying church history and came to the conclusion that the Orthodox Church was the only unchanged church in history. What were the goals? By we had formed an order called the New Covenant Apostolic Gillquidt, which was a base of fellowship and a working relationship between those of us who were on this pilgrimage.


Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

These things do not make a good context for aggressive, godly evangelism. One more trip in the time machine. This group became known as the Antiochian Evangelical Orthodox Mission, lasting until when its parishes were absorbed into the standard diocesan framework of the archdiocese. It’s the story of Peter and his friends, who wanted to find the new testament church.

Of course what we were experiencing in was a lot of spontaneity, very little sense of liturgy at that point, so consequently we felt that was normal. We had them by the thousands.

We sure had some great times both in Campus Crusade and in the early days of what became the Evangelical Orthodox Church, but those were also days of frustration. Lists with This Book. Perhaps he is carrying over quite a few Evangelical prejudices. This raises a question: It was almost impossible to invite new people on board with us because all we could guarantee them was that ultimately we would be part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Then, the Metropolitan of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in America invited them to enter under his guidance, and wished that they would all come in within only a few months. Didn’t hate it, liked parts of it.

This led the group to practice a more liturgical form of worship than in their previous evangelical background. I would have to say the number one contribution that we made to Orthodoxy in particular, and to Christendom in general, would have to be the publication of the Orthodox Study Bible.

Out there, both within some of these huge denominations and also within the newer communions and the independent churches, there are so many people who are biblically oriented, who are Christ-centered, whose hearts are given toward outreach and help for the poor and so on.

The gift of evangelism had largely been lost in the twentieth-century Orthodox Church.

From Becoming Orthodox to Being Orthodox: AGAIN Interviews Fr. Peter Gillquist /

It was interesting for me to read his book because its content added to my understanding of what happened to some of the Campus Crusade for Christ leaders–Ray Nethery, and Peter Gillquist being two persons that I met.


What warnings would you give them? The text itself is a gift.

In other words, gillquisf that we needed to be church and not just parachurch or independent, we began a study through history to try to find where that New Testament Church went. The author was once a leader of Campus Crusades back in the 60s.

Gillquist and his wife, Marilyn married gillqiistwere long-term residents of Santa Barbara, Californiabut in June they resided in Bloomington, Indiana. The parts about orthodoxy itself was gillquisy interesting. Researching the historical basis of the Christian faith, Gillquist and his colleagues found sources for this restoration in the writings of the early Church Fathers.

Sitting in looking out, we found the doctrine and the truths that we held dear, perer we were blown away by the difference of the worship. Well, as far as we were concerned, the whole thing was very genuine.

However, Gilquist, I believe, can at times be a bit simplistic and anachronistic. That would be my goal for the year If you stepped into that time machine thirty years ago, returned to the present and spent a week worshipping, evangelizing, sharing in community life in the average Orthodox parish of today, peterr would your thoughts be on the return trip?

Want to Read saving…. I think this book does the best of all I have read of addressing the many issues Protestant converts and their families would face. It was tough for me because I believe the things Fr.

Yes in the sense that in the Church we found those doctrines, those precious biblical truths we held dear, many of which we knew as Protestants, many of which we had to learn as Orthodox. The Greek Orthodox Church was disapproving of their entering the Church, afraid that so many Americans would “dilute Greek traditions”, a shameful blot of nationalism on the Church. Then others left over fear. For anyone following the path to Becomong, or perhaps interested in seeing a convert’s journey to the faith, this is a great book to read!

You win a lot of battles and you lose a few.