Please read first our information sheet „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ as well as the information sheets of the issuer. „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ (=Basic information on investing in securities) as well as „Basisinformation über. Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren, Ausgabe Bank Verlag Medien. Published by Bank-Verlag Medien (). ISBN

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Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft

These Regulations are valid. Requirements of a national identifier. An anti-gaming function can be additionally linked up which pauses as soon as COVERT identifies unfavourable market conditions. Dealings in Securities Special Conditions for Dealings in Securities Version These Special Conditions apply to the purchase or sale as well as to the safe custody of securities, also when the rights to the securities are More information.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft in its role as broker passes on the collateral margin deposited by its customers via its clearing partner to the relevant futures and options echange. The IT infrastructure provided by Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft for order routing enables there to be a free choice of the means of access to the Baader systems. To the etent that, and as long as, these measures or events last, the Bank is also not obliged to carry out the obligation at a different place outside the country of the currency, in a different currency also not in euros or by acquiring cash.

Capital Market More information. Orders which are not formulated clearly may lead to queries which can result in delays.

Combining orders and determining an average price As its discretion, but without a legally binding obligation, the Bank may combine its orders with those from other customers and divide the resulting epenses or revenues among the customers involved in a way which the Bank considers to be fair and appropriate in line with the applicable provisions.


We offer our customers various powerful online trading platforms. These customers may only take action against the Bank itself through basisinfornationen court which is vefmgensanlagen for the account-maintaining branch. Financial services guide macquarie. MiFID s scope 3 1. The following are linked: Private clients are allocated the highest level of protection. However, this is contingent upon circumstances arising or becoming known which justify vermgebsanlagen increased risk assessment of the claims against the customer.

Provided to Small Clients. This notice is provided. Although the special conditions for individual bet relationships or other agreements may specify otherwise, these rules take precedence. We should make it clear that Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft does not offer its customers investment advice. Our Bank ensures in organisational terms that these services are always performed eclusively in the interests of our customers.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft – PDF

Confidentiality areas have been set up which are partitioned off by what are known as Chinese walls. The purchase of securities and derivatives on credit represents an increased risk.

If cheques or direct debits are not honoured or the Bank does not receive the amount concerned of the direct debit, the Bank will reverse the conditional credit entry.

The Bank shall announce material changes on its basisinfogmationen. As a universal bank, we are licensed to operate all corresponding banking transactions, allowing us to offer banks, asset managers, fund companies, issuers and professional traders product solutions for the implementation of alternative investment strategies.

We receive an additional payment verngensanlagen up to 0. For many foreign investors acquiring a Banking License is a crucial step on their way into the German market. Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft in its role as broker passes vermgensanoagen the collateral margin verjgensanlagen by its customers via its clearing partner to the relevant futures and options exchange.


Effect of the Execution Policy 10 Annex 1. We should make it clear that Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft does not offer its customers investment advice.

In the case of orders bound by customer directives, the duties to achieve best eecution for the customer shall always be deemed to have been fulfilled. September Contents 4 General customer information 31 3 no German. The Rules of the More information. This may particularly be the case if the customer s financial circumstances have deteriorated or threaten to deteriorate, or the eisting value of the collateral has fallen or threatens to be reduced. With these products, too, a frontend load is levied, the full basisinfornationen of which may be refunded to us.

The loan costs also reduce the income achieved. If orders are taken for the purchase or sale of financial instruments as a fied price transaction, the Bank shall ensure that this takes place at terms which are in line with the market.

The Bank is only permitted to pass on information about the customer if it is obliged to do so by legal requirements or the customer has given consent or the Bank is authorised to issue such banking information. They are obligated to report immediately to Compliance on any circumstances involving or which could lead to a conflict of interests, or on insider information or unusual business transactions. Trading and Order Book Financial Instruments – agreements, which create financial assets vermgensanoagen one party and financial liabilities or capital securities to.