Autodesk MatchMover is the perfect camera-tracking companion for Maya, and it now comes bundled with Maya and later. Staff author. Preparing Video for Maya and Matchmover. 1. Continue on to Setting up an Animated Billboard in Maya or to Tracking Motion in Autodesk Matchmover. Hi, quick question how do I use matchmover for Hitfilm pro That tutorial does help, but my problem was loading image sequences into.

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This article originally appeared in 3D World issue That being said though i now know about importing tracking data and such into Hitfilm, Thanks: If i understand correctly if i am wrong pleas correct me, as i am to this sort of editing a image sequence is the clip frames in still image format. Subscribe for latest updates and special offers. Don’t do or it won’t work. Andersen there’s no “right” answer to that question.

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Depending on how long your image sequence is, and the number of tracks that are being created, an automatic track can take a couple of minutes. Depending on how successful the placement of the track was, the line will matcmover appear green, yellow or possibly red, or with segments of all three colours. Here’s a quick run down on MatchMover http: Will it work with Express? In the long run, mocha is the more flexible tool.


Matchmoevr, I’ll show you how to create invisible effects with this software.

Matchmover autodesk

She works on stage with real-time and head-mounted cameras. Understand your data by reading our Privacy policy. December edited December Besides the notes on file names and folders is generic for most software. In those cases its nice to have Autodesk Matchmove as an alternate method.

Wow That was fast! First, load your file sequence: Third, the filenames must be consistent. Red matdhmover bad tracking. We use cookies to personalise your content, analyse our traffic and improve your browsing experience. MatchMover is Autodesk’s straightforward and cost-effective camera-tracking application.

Preparing Video for Maya and Matchmover Tutorial

As with automatic tracking, you’re aiming for a full matchmovee line throughout the entire scene. Then release the mouse button to create the track point. You just happened to post a couple minutes before I logged in to see if anything new was going on. Glad you figured it out! Through this view you should see the blue cones stick to parts of your environment and follow the movement of the camera.


Mocha handles blur better, but doesn’t do well with reflectons, and requires at least two fairly large, flatish areas tracked in every frame. Some scenes are filmed with markers to provide a selection of places throughout the scene to add manual tracks.

Despite being tuttorial invisible to the viewer if done correctly, matchmoving is one of the most important parts of the film and television visual effects pipeline. It’s going to depend on the shot and your own preferences. First, an image sequence goes into its own folder with nothing else.