Narrative perspective in “A Castaway” and “Jenny” elicit a kind of sympathy and pathos through monologues in which the characters ultimately, resignedly give. Human Tigresses, Fractious An- gels, and Nursery Saints: Augusta. Webster’s A Castaway and Vic- torian Discourses on Prostitution and Women’s Sexuality. Because Augusta Webster’s poetry involves explicit cultural critique, For instance, Webster’s dramatic monologue “A Castaway,” written in the voice of a kept.

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He describes his work as a calling, not a choice:.

Florence Boos: Study Questions, Augusta Webster, “A Castaway”

With an introductory note by W. Does she webstwr there is any hope in her situation, and why? What does she believe might have happened had it lived? The other day I saw a woman weep beside her dead child’s bed: We ought to die off reasonably and leave as many as the men want, none to waste.

This is one of them. Do you find the ending of this poem anticlimactic? I had not felt my own castawy that punctilious copy-book, writ to stock patterns set to all a school, I have called usual lives, but my poor Madge has unawares informed me of myself.

And how could he have helped me? I see he did his best; I could wish now sending it back I had professed some thanks. What had she done in order to attempt to return to the webzter world, and why has this effort failed?


A Castaway

Merciless, merciless — like the prudent world that will not have the flawed soul prank itself with a hoped second virtue, will not have the woman fallen once lift up herself Are there instances in which the sound is varied to follow meaning? Would the castqway likely readers have identified with this past?

What sequence do her declamation follow? By including this explicitly textual voice in her collection, Webster foregrounds the difficulties in interpreting the written representation of thought and speech that every reader of her book has experienced over the course of reading it. Well, it fell soon.

Augusta Webster – Wikipedia

What circumstances made his rejection especially galling? This rain, rain, rain, what wretched thoughts it brings!

As printed, the poems are divided into two groups according to the gender of the speakers: Nay he judged very well: Why must there be pretence of teaching them what no one ever cares that they should know, what, grown out of the schoolroom, they cast off like the schoolroom pinafore, no better fit for any caxtaway of real grown-up life, for any use to her who seeks or waits the husband and the home, for any use, for any shallowest pretence of use, to her who has them?

Views Read Edit View history. The worse for me: How long could she have lived on the amount he sent her, and why does she reject his gift? Does it seem to you unfinished?


Why, ’tis my all, let me make much of it: Oh exquisite pain that brought so exquisite joy! Biographical note Natalie M. Would she have advocated any concrete social reforms? What activities had occupied webtser speaker’s own girlhood? Would they try to ship us to the colonies for wives?

I’ll not think cstaway it. The order of the volume also suggests several pairs of companion poems, a strategy much used by Robert Browning in Dramatic Lyrics and Men and Women Bornstein In the discussion which follows, I focus on points of connection among the pairs and groups of poems that constitute Portraitsprecisely because the individual voices which speak in these poems are so strong as to sometimes distract us from the coherent project that Webster offers in this caxtaway.

The Doubter feels excluded and ignored by the author he hoped would be his teacher: And, for me, 65 I say let no one be above her trade; I own my kindredship with any drab who sells herself as I, although she crouch castaay fetid garrets and I have a home all velvet and marqueterie and pastilles, 70 although she hide her skeleton in rags and I set fashions and wear cobweb lace: