This book is a translation of the Arunachala Puranam, the Tamil sthala purana of Tiruvannamalai composed in the 17th century by Saiva Ellappa Navalar. Sri Arunachala Puranam [Saiva Ellappa Navalar/Translated by Robert Butler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Book is a translation of. The Arunachala Puranam is a 16th century Tamil work that chronicles the principal divine stories associated with Arunachala. It belongs to a.

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And have you forgotten so soon that you squealed for help when an Asura ran away with the Vedas, and it was I who came to your rescue? When the gods gathered to pay their obeisance to the newly-married, the Lord acquiesced to their combined entreaty, and, to the delight of Rati, resurrected Kama from the ashes, now Ananga bodiless.

These are among the myriad forms in which you manifest yourself. Once, arunachapa sage Markandeya, leading a group of Rishisprayed to Nandikeswara to tell them about easy ways to cross the Ocean of Samsara and reach Mukti. And now you mention Arunachala! If it were not for my act of Creation, you would be unemployed!

Other than you, there is no one whom I can trust with my life. This requires you to provide the URL for each allegedly infringing result, document or item. Yama, lord of death, died, Agni, lord of the leaping flames, had his seven hands severed like the round of births by mere remembrance of Arunachala.

When even Vishnu as a boar and Brahma as a swan had to abandon their long-drawn search to find its beginning and end, can we hope to find a Hill to equal Arunachala?

After a thousand years of unimaginable suffering he turned to the Lord in praise, and setting aside his fatigue and exhaustion, returned through the seven nether worlds, emerging at last from an ocean of woes. Verify the characters on the left. Hide my email address. Deprived of their godly crowns, there they stood: Many of our thoughts are impossible to ignore. For the remainder of the work, he cites the Linga Purana. As the Lord rode through the city of Himavan, the women along the streets feasted their eyes on the One who would marry their princess.


Sri Arunachala Puranam

He likens his bravado to that of a mosquito trying piranam show a thing or two about flying, in the presence of the Swan, mount of Brahma, and Garuda, mount of Vishnu. Wabtmya, original text or texts the author, Saiva Ellappa Navalar, worked from, it is hard to imagine that their content differed widely from that of the work we now as the Arunachala Mahatmya. It was not until the 20th century that it was definitively established that the two were different people.

Later, leaving that sport, Siva returned to Kailas and calling the sages to His side arunachlaa them that Parvati was engaged in long Tapas for gaining Him as her husband, and so He instructed them to go to Himavan and inform him that Siva was happy to seek her hand in marriage. The eight directions were twisted from their stations, and vast forests of trees were blackened, scorched and burned.

Arunachala Puranam Tamil

The sages prostrated again and again to the Lord, themselves lost in it. In this work the stories and legends relating to the mountain Arunachala are narrated by Navalar in a lively style and with much poetic artifice, both of which elements are well conveyed in this translation by Robert Butler.

Stung to the quick, Sati stormed out of the place but not before cursing the precincts and the participants to a moribund ravage. I have purchased several items from Exotic India: However, it would be no great task for me to do so. Narada, knower of arts, science and the Vedas, came there one day, and informed Himavan that from certain marks that he had noticed in lovely Uma, it was certain that she would soon develop a half-eye on her forehead and a trident in one of her hands.

Half-way, near the west, the Lord gave darshan on his bull-mount. Further there are Kanchipuram of great renown, Kumbhakonam, Seerkazhi, Madurai, Rameswaram and many more which lead to Mukti by mere virtue of birth or death there or by worship of the Lord therein. The Marriage over, the gods dispersed, each returning to his or her station in the cosmic Scheme.

The field was but a blur of sword, spear, mace and guided missiles. Madhu and Kaitabha were two asuras born from the ear wax of Lord Vishnu, and eventually slain by him on account of their arrogance.


Some of these are: We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support. She was then to cut off his head and hold it under her foot.

Sources of the Arunachala Puranam. That even murderers, those of easy virtue, or the disabled and those that live far away, are assured of Mukti if they but remember well the holy Arunachala once. Show your compassion to one who has been disgraced! For lest they possess the eye of true knowledge, could it be easy for those having only the flawed and defective physical eye to perceive our Lord?

Or perhaps it is the fruit of former misdeeds? During such purannam evolution, when Brahma appeared, he held in mind the idea of “many”. Rising up, they leapt down into the world of men, shrinking themselves down, then rising up tall again, shooting dense streams of fire and sparks from their narrowed eyes. Sri Bhagavan had also enjoyed these dances and singing.

In the battle that ensued, Mahisha, the buffalo-headed demon, proved redoubtable to Durga, the militant arunahcala from Parvati. Aided by Brahma and others, who clothed Him in habits arunacjala with diamonds, Siva for once forsook from His neck and arms the fearsome Snakes that concealed lustrous diamonds in their heads maa mani ppanigal neekkiand put on necklets and armlets of nine gems maa mani ppanigal pootti.

It arunaxhala a very grateful Brahma who went ahead with Creation on that occasion! You who in former times drank the poison from the Milk Ocean! Vishnu vanished, reappearing as a boar, then a lion and so on. Beheaded, he went on successively taking the forms of a horse, of darkness and even appeared before her as Brahma and Vishnu.

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