Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and. Article explaining why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t. Relationships between frame rate per second (fps), positions per second (pps). Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here (zip file, kb), unzip and file in your Artoonix Projects.

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You will keep your “My account” on artoonix.

To resize an object, drug the markers of the frame. For instance, in example 1 below is a 2pps animation only two positions for the sequence tuutorial 1 second.

All examples are downloadable artoonix projects, at the bottom of this page so the readers can do their own tests and experiments. You will see now the frame around the object you have just selected. To cancel transfer, click “Recall”. To create a frame, do this:.

Downloads Feel free to explore artoonix project arroonix objects described in this tutorial, download it here zip file, kbunzip and place. First time you log in, you have to use the registration code that was sent to you after Artoonix registration.

Note, that there will be an extra object on the panel – it’s created automatically every time you create a frame. Increase it if you want the sound extend beyond the length of the video sequence.


This allows easy modifications of the drawing in the other frames without re-drawing. To conclude, it is very easy to create simple yet very effective color transition effects in Artoonix. Attoonix the dot to the desired size using the simple transform tool. If it is shaded, make tutorkal you have selected the frame in the list tutodial the left.

Let us now increase the pps to To start off, let us create the background as shown in the following steps please, also refer to the picture below: Before you start, you need to decide what you want to animate – the plot, how the characters will look like, style, etc.

Tutorial Projects

There is apparent “shadowing” in the movement which is rather unpleasing to the eye. You can transfer your purchase to another person, as a gift, for instance. The movie will only be encoded if there have been changes made to the project. As you can see the animation is very choppy and can hardly be called “smooth”.

Artoonix – create your own animatioins

It is strongly recommended to disable product registration code as a password because this allows to protect your account from unintended access.

As a result, after drawing all the objects you would have a painting that would like this:. Open the artolnix project. We can now blend two created objects, using, once again, the Simple Transform tool.

It is all down to you, of course, but it is probably the easiest to start with a short simple animation. Group 1 – drawing tools: This is a global property in artoonix and can be adjusted in main projects window “options” “Movie” tab. Merge them into one object.


It will look something like this:. Basic concepts Effects of “positions per seconds” pps and fps Effects of linear velocity of movement Fast smooth movement. As you can see, we have a rectangle with a smooth transitions of blue around its center. Creating a flower Now let’s see how you can create a flower, water lily. The purpose is to demonstrate all the stages of the project from conceptual idea to the complete animation while learning artkonix basics of techniques and tools available.

Start experimenting yourself, and, most importantly, have fun! We use in this article 30fps rate unless specified otherwise.

Artoonix – My account Tutorial

Make several petals and combine them into a pretty flower: Here you fill in the details of the recipient, most fields are optional apart from recipient’s e-mail and name.

And do not forget – not only you can create beautiful picture in artoonix, you can bring them to life too! This clearly results in much reduced “shadowing” effect.