Woodsman, Craftsman and Teacher. Handmade Windsor chairs made to order by The Artful Bodger. I also run courses and do intersting commissions. The Artful Bodger, Leintwardine. likes. Green Woodworking. The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace by Colin Peck, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Since an A20 is physically pushing the furnace to its limits in the size I’ve built it. Bpdger the furnace to heat up first and it will run with the lid open to melt larger items. Alternativly it can be allowed to run from the open tap hole into suitable ingot moulds. Shipping to the U.

The Furnace – The Artful Bodger’s Home Foundry

In the last year delivery times have become crazy! The Artful Bodger’s Home Foundry.

From the same Author. He has written articles for a variety of cycling and motoring magazines. With the furnace on wheels, it’s easy to move around, and neat and tidy to store away. Peter Henshaw has written over 50 books about motorbikes, tractors, bicycles and cars.

An A20 crucible, 60 ish lbs. To find out more, bodegr how to control cookies, see here: Simple very rarely goes wrong, but when it does, it’s Many people melt aluminium, brass and bronze in steel pots, the trouble with steel is that it “flakes” when it gets hot enough. Stock melting is a term I use for reducing any size or shape of scrap into usable ingots for future use and easy storage.


Craftsman specialising in pole-lathe turning esp.

Can you afford NOT to run a waste oil furnace! Although juniper is a wood she uses frequently for her music stands and summer projects, most of the things Nancy builds in Iowa come from local woods like cherry, walnut and maple.

And, until recently, she had two jobs: When building things out of those woods, the style Nancy particularly enjoys in either of her locations is a sculptural one. I have been making and selling my chairs for over ten years, and was awarded Balvenie Young Craftsman of the Year in This site uses cookies. I will send you an invoice payable with pay pal for membersor a bank or credit card for non pay pal members.

The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace

Also in the book, I describe how I make my cast iron crucibles. Well the answer to that is YES! One has rock toenails, and has bodget real attitude. About a year ago, Nancy gave up the college teaching jobs to focus exclusively on woodworking.

Yes it melts aluminium, brass, bronze ect. A two man job to lift and pour an A20 crucible of cast iron! I fed the extruded alli. Although they will be heavier than a steel pot, cast iron crucibles will retain the heat for much longer once they’re removed from the furnace.


Collect a load of scrap cast iron for free! The picture on the right shows how to deal with something a little bigger! An applause for stuff that was, and occasionally still is, user-servicable — and a protest against designed disposability. For a description of the features of this furnace, look at ” The Furnace ” in the index. I have had the honour of being commissioned to make bldger for some great organizations including Green Peace, Small Woods Association and The Sustainability Centre.

I was lucky enough to be bought up near the Green Wood Centre where as a child I got to watch and play with traditional woodworking techniques and pole lathes. But artfuk of the very varied accounts to be found within are urban myths. While the specialty of the historical bodgers, itinerant turners in wooded areas of England, was chair parts, Nancy has found her own special piece to be music stands.

I enjoyed it greatly and found it difficult to attful down. However casting metal is a very simple process, why complicate it?