Records – Nikomahova etika. . Ética a Nicómaco. Aristóteles. Ética. []: Julio Pallí Bonet & Tomás Calvo Martínez · Introduction Teresa Martínez. Aristóteles. Koloreei Aristotel. Nikomahova etika. Ética a Nicòmac: libres I, VI i X. []: Carles Miralles · Introduction – Comments Salvador Feliu Castelló. “Aristóteles y los publicistas. El anuncio de televisión como “Aristoteles Etica a Nicomaco” · “Aristoteles Etica Nicomaque ” – “Aristoteles over de vrouw [.

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The second part of particular justice is rectificatory and it consists of the voluntary and involuntary. But he qualifies this by saying that actually great souled people will hold themselves moderately toward every type of good or bad fortune, even honor.

Aristotle says that it would be unreasonable to expect strict mathematical style arkstoteles, but “each man judges correctly those matters with which he is acquainted”.

This is a sort of blind justice since it treats both parties as if they were equal regardless of their actual worth: Strauss describes the Bible as rejecting the concept of a gentleman, and that this displays a different approach to the problem of divine law in Greek and Biblical civilization. Retrieved from aristoteels https: The disdain of a great souled person towards all kinds of non-human good things can make great souled people seem arrogant, like an un-deserving vain person.

Comparing virtue to productive arts technai as with arts, virtue of character must not only be the making of a good human, but also the way humans do their own work well. Book I attempts to both define the subject matter itself and justify the method that has been chosen in chapters 3, 4, 6 and 7. According to Aristotle, contemplation is the only type of happy activity it would not be ridiculous to imagine the gods having.

Chapter 14 first points nikomahofa that any level of pain is bad, while concerning pleasure it is only excessive bodily pleasures that are bad.

The opposite is rare, and therefore there is no special name for a person insensitive to pleasures and delight. To understand how justice aims at what is good, it is necessary to look beyond particular good or bad things we might want or not want a share of as individuals, and this includes considering the viewpoint of a community the subject of Aristotle’s Politics.


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Aristotle asserts that we can usefully accept some things said about the soul clearly a cross reference to Plato againincluding the division of the soul into rational and irrational parts, and the further division of the irrational parts into two parts also:. It is being good, and being worthy of honor that is more important. Aristotle also argues that each type of animal has pleasures appropriate to it, and in the same way there can be differences between people in what pleasures are most suitable to them.

It is hard to set fixed rules about what is funny and what is appropriate, so a person with this virtue will tend to be like a lawmaker making suitable laws for themselves. What is just to fulfill one’s need, whereas people err by either desiring beyond this need, or else desiring what they ought not desire.

The dependency of sophia upon phronesis is described as being like the dependency of health upon medical knowledge.

Aristotle also mentions some “mean conditions” involving feelings: The vice that occurs most often in the same situations is excess with regards to pleasure akolasiatranslated licentiousness, intemperance, profligacy, dissipation etc. For this reason Aristotle nijomahova it is important not to demand nikomahov much precision, like the demonstrations we would demand from a mathematician, but rather to treat the beautiful and the just as “things that are so for the most part.

File:Aristotelis De Moribus ad Nicomachum.jpg

Magnanimity is a latinization of the original Greek used here, which was megalopsuchiawhich means greatness of soul. They also tend not to be lenient to people for anything they could have chosen to avoid, such as being drunk, or being ignorant of things easy to know, or even of nikoomahova allowed themselves to develop bad habits and a bad character.

Fichte “Ucenje o nauci” more. Aristotle begins by suggesting Socrates must be wrong, but comes to conclude at the end of Chapter 3 that “what Socrates was looking for turns out to be the case”. Aristotle says that virtue, practical judgment and wisdom, and also pleasure, all associated with happiness, and indeed an association with external abundance, are all consistent with this definition.


Desire without understanding can become insatiable, and can even impair reason. In contrast to politics and warfare it does not involve doing things we’d rather not do, but rather something we do at our leisure.

This is a virtue we observe when we see how people act with regards to giving money, and things whose worth is thought of in terms of money. The other, worse and less curable case, is that of a niikomahova person who has thought things through, but fails to do as deliberated because they are carried in another direction by a passion.

The vices opposed to courage were discussed at the arietoteles of Book II. The lawful things are only by accident the just things. Finally Aristotle addresses a few questions raised earlier, on the basis of what he has explained: This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

Someone who runs away becomes a coward, while someone who fears nothing is rash. According to this opinion, which he says is right, the good things associated with the soul are most governing and especially good, when compared to the good things of the body, or good external things. The Good of man is the active exercise of his soul’s faculties in conformity with excellence or virtue, or if there be several human excellences or virtues, in conformity with the best and most perfect among them.

Nicomachean Ethics – Wikidata

In terms of what is best, we aim at an extreme, not a mean, and in terms of what is base, aritoteles opposite. When someone behaves in a purely animal-like way, then for better or worse they are not acting based upon any conscious choice. Aristotle lists some typical characteristics of great souled people: Translated with an Introduction.