Ardas. The Ardās (Gurmukhi: ਅਰਦਾਸ) is a Sikh prayer (see below for the full Ardas) that is carried out before performing or after undertaking any significant task;. Jun 19, The word “Ardas” literally means “prayer.” The traditional Sikh Ardas has come to represent a specific form of prayer recited in every Gurdwara. Apr 18, Though the beginning (up through the mention of Guru Tegh Bahadur) and ending of the Ardas (O Nanak, those who know their True Identity.

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Wash your hands and cover your head before studying the contents.

OKay Found one on this pageyou can visit as well. It is our delight and blessing as a sangat to stand together, hands folded and offer our group mind and soul in prayer, with Ardas. This article is about the Sikh practice. Centuries later, subjects demonstrated their loyalty and paid homage to their rulers by joining their hands.

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I believe that it small and precious deeds like this that takes you closer to HIM. I am a Sikh who has very basic Punjabi and though i understand some of the Ardas i dont understand it all.

Sikh silh should be able to recite this short prayer from memory, and should be prepared to offer Ardas at any time, at the request of the Sangat. Again thank a lot for doing such a nice religous task. Khuar Hoye Sab Milenge Bache Saran Jo Hoye After wandering place to place for spiritual guidance everybody will unite, and those ardad fall under the protection of the One God will be saved. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


Ardas | Sikh Prayer | Discover Sikhism

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Skih your comment here The Ardas should be in a flowing rhythm. Visit our Marketplace if you are interested in purchasing this book. January 30, at 4: I am not a Sikh but an admirer of Sikh religion and its arddas of living. The Ardas incorporates a variety of images and ideas within its folds.

One of the most momentous occasions when ardas is recited occurs during the ceremony where Sikhs take Amrit in order to become amritdhari Sikhs or simh of the Khalsa Panth.

Our helper and protector ever, restore to us the right and privilege of unhindered and free service and access to Nankana Sahib and other centers of Sikh religion from which we have been separated.

Sabh thaa-een’ ho-e sahaa-e. Save us from lust, wrath, greed, pride and attachment; and keep us always and only.

Ardas (अरदास) – Hindi Text

January 1, at 2: And the Infinite listens. Turn your thoughts to the five seats of Sikh authorities and all the Gurdwaras and utter O Khalsa, Waheguru!


I am teaching children at Gurdwara and your site has really helped. May the tenth king, Guru Gobind Singh be ever on our side. Then remember Teg Bahadur by whose remembrance the nine treasures come hurrying to ones home. Utter O Khalsa, Waheguru! Forgive us O Lord, all our faults, extend Your helping hand to everyone.

> Ardas English Translation | from dusk to dawn

It can be in poetic form or prose. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The first arvas remembers all the skh gurus and their legacies to the Sikh religion. Hae Nimaaneaan’ dae Maan, Nitaaneaan. April 27, at This one-of-a-kind book includes fascinating tales of the unique lives of the ten men of higher consciousness who forged a path of everyday learning and personal excellence. How is this lifestyle relevant today? July 26, at 4: Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.