By the time Apur Sansar was released, Satyajit Ray had directed not only the first two Apu films but also the masterpiece The Music Room, and was well on his. Apu is a young bureaucrat who takes time off work to attend his cousins wedding. The marriage has been arranged some fifteen years earlier, but the. Apur Sansar brings the Apu trilogy to its glowing end. I think it the most human, the most moving, the “best” of the three. I say and everybody who writes about the .

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The World of Apu Bengali: It is the third part of The Apu Trilogyabout the childhood and early adulthood of a young Bengali named Apu in the early twentieth century Indian subcontinent. The film is based on the last two-thirds of the Bengali novelAparajitoby Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay.

Released inThe World of Apu focuses on Apu’s adult life, and also introduces the actors Soumitra Chatterjee and Sharmila Tagorewho would go on to appear in many subsequent Ray films. The World of Apu has been influential across the world and is frequently listed among the greatest films of all time. Despite his teacher’s advice to go to university, he is unable to do so because he can’t afford it.

He tries to find sansxr job, while barely getting by providing aansar tutoring. His main passion is writing a novel, partially based on his own life, hoping to get it published some day. One day, he apru his old friend Pulu, who coaxes him to join him on a trip to his village in Khulna to attend the marriage of a cousin named Aparna Sharmila Tagore. On the day of the marriage, it is revealed that the bridegroom has a serious mental disorder.

The bride’s mother cancels the marriage, despite the father’s protests. He and the other villagers sansae, according to prevalent Hindu tradition, that the young bride must be wedded off during the previously appointed auspicious hour, otherwise, she will have to remain unmarried all her life.


Apu, after initially refusing when requested by a few villagers, ultimately decides to take Pulu’s advice and come to the rescue of the bride by agreeing to marry her.

He returns with Aparna to his apartment in Calcutta after the wedding. He takes up a clerical job, and a loving relationship begins to bloom between them.

Yet, the young couple’s blissful days are cut short when Aparna dies while giving birth to their son, Kajal. Apu is overcome with grief and holds the child responsible for his wife’s death. He shuns his worldly responsibilities and becomes a recluse — travelling to different corners of Indiawhile the child is left with his maternal grandparents.

Meanwhile, Apu throws away his manuscript for the novel he had been writing over the years. A few years later, Pulu finds Kajal growing wild and uncared for. He then seeks out Apu, who is working at a mining quarry and advises Apu one last time to take up his fatherly responsibility.

At last, Apu decides to come back to reality and reunite with his son. When he reaches his in-laws’ place, Kajal, having seen him for the first time in his life, at first does not accept him as a father.

Eventually, he accepts Apug as a friend and they return to Calcutta together to start life afresh. Ray wanted fresh faces again for the film like other two films in the Apu Sanasr and thus he started auditioning. In others films he made in between, like Parash Pathar and Jalsagharhe did work with professional actors like Soumitra Chatterjeea radio announcer and a stage actor who, with doyen of Bengali theatre Sisir Bhadurihad apr auditioned for the role of the adolescent Apu in Aparajito zpur Though Ray thought he had the right look, he found him too old for the role.

Ray remembered him and offered the role of adult Apu two years later. He had gone on the sets of Ray’s fourth film, Jalsagharto watch the shoot. That day, while he was leaving the sets, Ray called him over and introduced him to actor Chhabi Biswassaying, “This is Soumitra Chattopadhyay; he’s playing Apu in my next film Apur Sansar “, leaving him surprised.


He even placed an ad in a local daily asking for photographs from girls between ages of 15 and There were over a thousand responses to the ad, aur Ray found none of them worth auditioning. She is related to poet Rabindranath Tagoreand subsequently auditioned and was selected. Despite being selected, as a debutant actor, Chatterjee was nevertheless unsure of his career choice and especially his looks, as sajsar didn’t consider himself photogenic.

However, on 9 Sanarwhen the first shot of the film was given an okay in one take, he realized he had found his vocation. Its critic’s consensus states: The World of Apu has been influential across the world. The film’s influence can also be seen in famous works such as Martin Scorsese ‘s New Hollywood film Taxi Driverand several Philip Kaufman films.

Apur Sansar () – Plot Summary – IMDb

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The World of Apu Film poster. The influential presence of Satyajit Ray’s ‘The World of Apu’ lingers over some of the greatest American films of all time”.

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Apur Sansar

Pratidwandi Seemabaddha Jana Aranya Sonar Kella Joi Baba Felunath Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy The Beginning Kaasav Village Rockstars Sutherland Trophy winning films. Works of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aparajito by Aupr Bandopadhyay.