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Giusti’s review of Lunario sentimental in shows a negative reaction to the effort to achieve constant novelty: La aventura de ‘Martin Fierro'”: The creative function can express itself through music, the plastic arts, and literature, especially poetry. Few writers of his epoch were as vehement as Lugones in espousing the civilizing aims of art.

Their emphasis on virtuosity arose from the necessity of inventing a place for themselves. Le lengua es edificadora de realidades” [19] “The apparent world is a jumble of shuffled perceptions. An ironic stance allows Borges to begin again when the recognition comes that no more originality is to be found in the same source.

Their interest and skill at the task are evident. The zealous and polemic tone, the disdain for his contemporaries, and biting sarcasm grow even sharper in later years. This type of criticism centers on the rebellious aspects of the movement, its attempt to break away from the models and archetypes of Spain and the colonial heritage.

The dependence on Europe by the financial and social elite had also led to a devaluing of local productions of all kinds. He turns back to accustomed territory and familiar ground, clinging to rhyme and to elaborately worked metaphors.

How could a movement that espoused the romantic principles of spiritual liberty, access to the sublime through synesthetic experiments of sound, color, and rhythm, be best known today for its formalism, for its sometimes grotesque exaggeration of the iconography of French Parnassian, symbolist, and decadent styles? Severo Sarduy described this same movement of excess and expulsion of dissonance in the Baroque:. The spirit of play takes on its darker side.

Lugones, like Borges, was concerned with his standing as a poet in the eyes of future generations, and even the choice of prose or poetry for the two was not always clear. It is evident from his early writings on politics, literature, art, and society that Lugones accepted the notion of an intellectual and artistic elite, created by the gift of “Genius,” and considered his own development to be a fulfillment of the destiny already imposed upon him.

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Although the aim expressed is that of a quasi-religious striving toward ideal perfection in art, the terminology has a utilitarian and combative import: However, we can recreate some sense of understanding by following the traces of this poetry in works more accessible to us. Poets were to be interpreters of a medium that offered mystical insights. In Hugo, then, all the romantic convictions and themes are summarized: Verbal equivalents for all emotions may be found with proper application:.

Books by Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera (Author of Concierto para instrumentos desafinados)

One must possess, above all, a rich language, superlatively rich, to such an extreme that no emotion remains without its real and true expression. The word in itself is nothing more than a sign, or a combination of signs; yet it contains everything due to its demiurgic virtue. The very formalism of the verse form, enriched to saturation, distances the modern reader by its practiced theatricality. As all final versions are my own, all errors and infelicities of translation are my responsibility.

By returning to a poet who fully participated in modernismo ‘s currents, but who at the same time maintained a skeptical questioning distance within his work, some fissures that vein the movement can come to light.

ISNI Antonio Vallejo Nágera ()

Thus our gaze is distracted by the distancing noise. Romantic writings on the controlling principles of poetic creation and interest in the symbolic power of mythology showed a tendency to create an allegory of the spirit by means of natural and mythological symbols.

These questions have been posed ceaselessly by his critics since the first publication of his works. Hablqr reading public is perceived as humanity in general, as a brotherhood, and the poet as its redemptive voice. Yet within romantic and modernista doctrines, such contradictions are to be resolved through the particular visionary power of the poet.

The devaluing of local writers and of the public in general was heightened by the financial crisis of najrra last decade of the nineteenth century. Moving in Lunario sentimental toward a poetry whose subject matter defies previous notions of idealism and beauty, Lugones retains the marks of tradition for its form.


There the development of gesture will be telescoped, the winks distorted to grimaces, and theatricality extended publlco farce and buffoonery.

Aprender A Hablar En Publico Hoy

But it is at the same time a vile instrument that beheads and poisons, when the spirit that moves it has descended into rage against the ideal”. By controlling language, poets might return to the source of thought by creating increasingly complex metaphors.

As personal consciousness rather than social or ethical norms becomes increasingly the organizing principle, the individual style itself acquires new functions. The body, as origin and object of desire, is constantly given to us, sometimes as a lavishly decorated spectacle, other times as a mutilated scrap heap.

It was like an opening of new territory, one which took its standards not from the museums of Europe, but from the everyday scenery. Well, if continued work on different topics doesn’t make us agile and flexible in thought and in speech, what then will? With rhyme, rhythm, and extended imagistic development, every inch of space was filled, inviting crowding, violence and, ultimately, parody.

With the advent of photography and other means of reproduction, literature seemed to be losing its hold on the quasi-mystical role assigned to the artist. The writings to be examined present his appraisals of different texts no matter what their nature. It was to be an end in itself.

Borges also repeatedly stresses Lugones’ insistence on the use of language as a logical instrument in the same manner he stresses the use of logic in his essay “Quevedo” from Otras inquisiciones. Their innovations arose from a necessity of invention.