). Altought most of brazilian beef production comes from grazing systems, ), representing almost 10% of the slaughters in Brazil (ANUALPEC, ). Description. You can download anualpec on the site When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil. ). It accounted for the largest bovine herd in the country in . accounts for % of calves produced in Brazil (ANUALPEC ).

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Anualpec 2011 pdf

Economic feasibility studies of beef cattle feedlot Resende Filho et al. Without the use of the correlation between input variables, the sensitivity analysis of the simulated NPV Table 7 showed little difference in ranking of the items, but with significant changes in the regression coefficients, in which the estimated values were lower than the analysis with correlation.

Information of anuaopec performance and experimental diet roughage and concentrate was used in the calculations of production costs as well as in the simulation of financial indicator.

Analyzing economic aspects related to finishing cattle of different genetic groups in feedlots, Ferreira et al. Using the correlation to simulate NPV, it can be noted that in the analyzed slaughter weights, the seven most important anulpec were, in order of importance, the price of finished steers, price of feeder steers, final weight, initial weight, concentrate cost, roughage cost, and minimum rate of attractiveness Table 6.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of feedlot-finishing anualpfc slaughtered at different weights, using or disregarding a correlation between the input variables, by simulating the Net Present Value financial indicator. The risk analysis was complemented by a sensitivity analysis, using the Stepwise Multivariate regression method Palisade, to identify and rank the cost items input variables with major influence on anualpef NPV. Gross revenues consisted of the sale of the finished animal.

Construction Management and Economics The intended slaughter weights wereand kg, anualpwc the actual slaughter weights wereand kg, respectively. The same may also apply to the extra N 2 O emissions resulting from N fertilizer additions and those emissions related to O Anualpec online, te d acesso s principais atualizaes estatsticas do mercado pecurio de forma rpida e simples facilitando suas consultas e tomadas de decises.


Although the percentage of exports is relatively anualpec pdf Regarding cowcalf operations, Brazilian calf production increased 9. For the comparison of cumulative probability distributions of simulated NPV, the stochastic dominance of first and second order criterion was used Hadar and Russel, ; Anderson et al. A snapshot of management practices and nutritional recommendations used by feedlot nutritionists in Brazil.

However, for slaughter weights of and kg, there was second order stochastic dominance, because there are times that intersections occur between the accumulated values. Simulation-based estimation for correlated cost elements. International Journal of Project Management Analyzing the NPV of slaughter weights considering the correlation amongst the input variables Table 4there is a negative mean, median and mode for kg, while for the weights of and kg, mean, median, mode and SD were more favorable.

In another study, Yang used a the Monte Carlo simulation to provide a general method for incorporating correlations between cost items in the cost estimation process and found that the impact of the correlations was significant, and when neglected, caused serious problems such as increase in SD and underestimation of the unit cost of the project.

Other operating expenses such as maintenance of infrastructure, machinery, implements and equipment, fuel, electricity, freight, taxes and feeding workforce were estimated as 2. Distributions and correlations in Monte-Carlo simulation.

The correlation amongst the input variables was also evaluated in the simulation of the financial indicator to check for robustness results. Metodologia de custo utilizada pelo IEA. Revenues from milk sales were calculated by including bonuses and penalties to the milk base price US0. This procedure generated standardized regression coefficients Hamby,removing the influence of the units and placing all parameters at the same level.

Conectese com anualpev login e senha e tenha todas as informaes do Anualpec em PDF e Excel prontas para anuwlpec.


Anualpec download

Results In interpreting the financial indicator NPV, zero or greater values indicate that the initial investment is fully recovered at a given discounted rate. Received January 17, and accepted November 13, Depreciation of infra-structure, machinery, implements and equipment were calculated for a planning horizon of one year.

Discussion The interpretation of the statistics of anualpfc simulated NPV Table 3 is of great value in decision making; regardless of whether or not the correlation is used, feeding animals to reach kg proved to be the worst investment option among the three slaughter weights evaluated.

This decision is also supported by the observation of the superiority of the mean and the minimum value of kg weight in relation to the kg Table 3. This consideration was the reason for research in other areas Wall, ; Yang, where the use of correlation resulted in significant changes in the simulated output variable, being more important than the choice of the type of distribution of random variables.

Thus, the advantage of using the correlation between input variables aiming to simulate the variable output is evident, obtaining more accurate estimate of the degree of risk associated with the investment.

Anualpec 2011 download

Moreover, small changes in beef price, feeder cattle purchase price and cost of the diet roughage and concentrate may define the economic viability of this finishing system, regardless of animal slaughter weight. Agriculture In Brazil Yearbook Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Author links open overlay panel Mateus J the surplus is destined for export Anualpec, In the criterion of stochastic dominance of first order, investments for investors who prefer higher returns are selected; in the stochastic dominance of second order, selected investments for investors who prefer high returns and low risk are selected.

Revista Brasileira de Economia