Anatomia Humana Testut Latarjet Tomo 2. Uploaded by Joaqui Antola Gómez. Tomo II del libro de Anatomía descriptiva y topográfica de Testut y Latarjet. Tomo I Osteología Artrología Miología. Tomo II: Angiología, sistema nerviosos central. Trad. J. Corominas y Sabater y Antonio Riera III, Tomo IV. 6 results for Books: “L. Testut – A. Latarjet” Compendio de anatomia descriptiva (Spanish Edition). Jan 1 Tratado de Anatomía Humana Tomos I, II, III y IV.

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References Academia Nacional de Medicina de Mexico http: No data are known on his early childhood and adolescence. Throughout his career he dedicated to enriching and expanding the treatise on human anatomy started by Professor Testut, which as of was renamed the Testut-Latarjet Treatise of Human Anatomy Fernandes and Babinski, and is considered one of the most thorough treatises of human anatomy with detailed illustrations, most of which are in color, drawn by G.

Tratado de anatomía humana – Leo Testut – Google Books

This treatise on human anatomy is characterized by the precise descriptions of the human body and is enriched by anthropological and philosophical concepts. He applied his findings to systematic surgical denervation of the lesser and greater curvature of the stomach as well as the supra-pyloric region with the objective of respecting the trunk of the right branch of the vagus nerve, thus avoiding gastric paresis Liang et al. They also proposed a detailed study plan Nieto Based on these advances, better results were obtained in the surgery of peptic ulcer as this technique was improved to avoid gastroparesis and enhance gastric motility.


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He worked as assistant anatomist from to at the Faculty of Medicine in Lyon, until when he became a professor and in was designated as head of the anatomical laboratory. He travelled all over Latin America and made an expedition to the polar regions of Lapland with his brother, the explorer Raymond Latarjet. Anatomist and surgeon specialized in sports medicine Rafael A.

In he was designated resident doctor at Lyon Hospital and started working in the laboratory of the anatomist Professor Leo Testut, who advised him to abandon surgery practice and devote himself to studying and teaching human anatomy. Tomos I y II.

He participated in the First World War as chief trauma consultant, later using the experience obtained in battlefield on abdominal injuries and skull and spine fractures to update further editions of his works. Course Syllabus for Anatomy and Physiology. It is still valid after more than one century since its initial publication in and continues to be used as a textbook or consultation book in many Faculties of Medicine all over Latin America and Europe Romero, Leo Testut and continued the diffusion of his work.

His works still constitute a basic important reference as text lqtarjet consultation books for the study of human anatomy in many schools of medicine in the universities of Latin America and Europe. dee

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Raymond Latarjet, who became medical doctor specialist in oncology and director of the Department of Biology of the Curie Institute, and Michel Latarjet, medical doctor and professor of human anatomy.

Tomos I al IV. IJA E Vo l. He performed the first therapeutic vagotomy for the treatment of an active peptic ulcer inthus giving laatrjet name to this surgical technique Rodka, Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Tratado de anatomía humana – L. Testut, A. Latarjet – Google Books

Anatomy of an Abstract. InLatarjet wrote an article in memoriam of his mentor and benefactor, Dr.

How is animal anatomy and physiology useful? Evolucion de la educacion medica en Colombia.

André Latarjet

He studied the influence of acetylcholine in the gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid and pointed out the deleterious effects of vagotomy on gastric emptying.

He became professor of anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon in Latarjet made important contributions in the study of human anatomy and published several papers, including the following: They propose three types of training: He was the anatpmia and successor of Dr. Advanced Human Biology Syllabus. Anatomist and surgeon specialized in advertisement.