ALUMIL M Alutherm Super Plus. Aluminium carpentry. M Alutherm Super Plus technology advanced the system of insulating frame with the same. M is the most technologically advanced system of heat insulating frames for thermal brake doors and windows of any kind. M achieves the highest. ALUMIL M Alutherm Super. Тhе most technologically advanced system of heat insulating frames, with the same features as the М It meets the.

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ALUMIL M11500 Alutherm Super

The solidity of the insulated and non-insulated profiles, coupled with good machinability, guarantees precision-fit components with a high degree of energy-saving weather tightness, as well as optimum sound insulation. Barrel hinge, infinitely adjustable in three dimensions. We want our clients to have a great experience with our products so we provide our partners with high quality products, information and support.

Description M is a complete system for windows, doors, as well as for entrance doors with a high level of thermal insulation. The distribution of our products is made, national wide, through a network of specialized resellers.

SI Super Insulation offers outstanding insulation values and is therefore the ideal solution for buildings with the highest requirements in terms of energy management and architecture.

Alumil M complete system. It is characterised by large opening widths with large scale glass constructions.


Alumil M11500

Reseller program Aplast is specializing in the production of uPVC, wood and aluminum windows and doors systems. You can therefore choose between, for example, single and double-leaf versions, with or without side and centre sections or top light.

Optional fittings also mean that it can be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated in the building management system. The basic depth of 70 mm ensures a high degree of stability.

High performance, long service life, reparability. Patio and garden become one; balcony and patio aluumil part of the living space. Our partners benefit from our real support including training courses, marketing programs and technical assistance. Its strict design give prestige main entraces, which are the first frames that someone usually in your house.

Testeral | Doors

Request quotation You can find out more about this product and you can get a price quotation for your project. Alunil to the high stability of aluminum, buildings can be designed with narrow face widths and particularly large areas of glass, providing maximum transparency and light penetration.

Easy use thanks to an optional m111500 with a remote control. A wide range of colors and a broad spectrum of different door infills offer countless additional possibilities. Aplast is specializing in the production of uPVC, wood and aluminum windows and doors systems.

Alumil M – Mouratidis

There is a wide range of basic shapes available. Windows Doors About us Reseller program Contact. The two production facilities deliver up to units per day. The clear, timeless design is ideal for combining with the proven Schuco facade and window systems.


A range of designs available from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated. Alymil holds two production facilities for windows and doors systems covering over We are permanently investing in modern production technologies that guarantee the same level.

It is ideal for frames replacement as it offers easy and fast construction, as well as installation.

Aluminum is the ideal material for multi-leaf sliding systems. Optional fittings also allow it to be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated in the building security and building management system.

A further advantage is the almost unlimited range of different surface finishes available. With more than 3 million windows and doors produced, delivered and installed, all across the globe, Aplast Windows and Doors are well known and appreciated. Ferestre Video Despre noi Noutati Contact.

Even large, heavy door leaves will lift and slide with minimum of effort. We are a team of over people, ready to answer to the highest standards of quality.