des cadres FFAAA a voiteur. 20janecole des cadres FFAAA a voiteur a Reinach (Switzerland)STAGE VALIDANT CTL AIKIDO SWITZERLAND. August 27, Add comment. 1 min read. See F. Ffaaa. Josh Gold. I am Executive Editor of Aikido Journal and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo. I began my aikido. 8 Likes, 1 Comments – Aikido Club Dionysien (@aikidodionysien) on Instagram: “ #aikido #ffaaa #aikidoclub #合气道”.

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It is just the way that it happened that disturbed me.

What sometimes pushes people towards martial arts is a taste for fighting or confrontation. Currently, David Fontaine is also a member of the Aikido Shibokukai organization. There can be no teaching system without codes. Halloween in Tokyo Shibuya, Center Gai. The Aikido Aaikido du Baou. I mostly integrated the principles he transmitted to me. The notion of technique cannot disregard the other natural notions. Of course, at the beginning, there will probably be almost no sensation.

These three constants work together. He’s martial art background includes Tai Chi, Karate and Iaido. This leads now his main research.

FFAAA Portail – Federation Francaise Aikido, Aikibudo et Affinitaires

For q young teacher in his fifties, coming to Europe is a huge gain in credibility for him. Him and I, we had a sort of father-son relationship to such extend that at the end of his life, he wanted to buy a house on the south coast of France in order to be living closer from me. Eventually, I did not follow the movement but it was not to be against anybody. Inhe started to study aikido in the Nice area with several teachers. Nowadays, kids are so used to video games and movies that they are used to see a guy doing six turns around himself before even kicking.

This was quite a huge offer, it was a ministerial appointment.

To start with, they accept a whole lot of rules that they would not necessarily accept at home or elsewhere. Well, that is very variable according to the individual but if we speak of Aikido in terms of education system, we must not forget the martial frame.


If at all, you have been one of the main actors for the evolution of Aikido in France and abroad. We could have chosen painting, sculpture, Zen are many other things. The title of Shihan is either awarded to a country or to an individual. One should not mistake what one thinks Aikido is and what is really being practiced at the Hombu Dojo. However, if you work with a Uke who is better than you, he will put you in a situation where you can understand what you are looking for.

Fédération française d’aïkido, aïkibudo et affinitaires

We should just be working on trying to overcome our own apprehensions. Next Article Understanding Aikido. The thing is that I was just back from seven years spent at the Hombu Dojo in Ajkido.

That is a shame….

Fédération française d’aïkido, aïkibudo et affinitaires — Wikipédia

There is however one sort of evolution going on, it is the evolution of a teacher during his lifetime. The more we will suppress these fears, the more we will find easy to go towards the others but it does not mean at all that we will become invincible. Seeing things like that show a very poor interpretation of this relationship. The Japanese often allow you to question yourself on very subtle notions and this is a great way to progress.

I will go soon to Israel and I have been told that here were 27 different groups over there for a very small amount of practitioners. The young teachers around me such as Philippe Gouttard were only 2nd or 3rd Dan. In order to get into the motion, we will have to summon another natural principle, the technique.

This rule applies for the whole world except for the Japanese uchi-deshi [live in students] of the Hombu Dojo… These guys are from the house so as soon as they travel abroad, they quickly get promoted. We are often told that Aikido is based onto two great principles: Indeed this is very few. For an individual, it is kind of a thank you gesture for all he did for Aikido, as well as a way to make sure that everybody knows that he is the one in charge of the transmission of Aikido in his country.


When one sees you perform an Aikido technique, the amplitude and the gracefulness of your motions strike first. Quite often on this technique, we feel that we cannot go any further for a whole variety of reasons. I have seen quite a bit in Aikido, I have met quite a few Sensei and I must say that the ones who speak of it the most are often the ones who have the poorest technique.

The reason is that it is a very confusing notion. At that particular moment, we are totally irimi! The second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba was an important model to me, in particular for the basic techniques.

Guillaume Erard on Tofugu. As you see, the aesthetic is not an aim in itself.

We could also specifically work on flexibility or other things but to what end? Pierre Guichard, who was the national technical director of the Judo and the successor of Courtine, came to ask me if I wanted to become national technical director for Aikido. We then called Jacques Abel and we structured the federation. We must therefore show some good will in order to make communication easier and allow practitioners to appreciate each other.

Regarding the spiral, this is again an irimi motion. He is a great master who fully deserves the recognition he has. As a consequence, until the technique is perfect, there will be no Ki, no natural flow.

Irimi is not about smacking the partner across the face each time he moves or leaves an opening. Numerous seminar with Saotome Sensei will continue to nourish his study of Aikido.