The Adaptive Sweep I’ve made using a custom sketch that connects one i can clear my basic concept of sweep command in gsd in catia V5. in sweep command there is one more command adaptive sweep that i m asking about. As stated above, adaptive swept surface is a little different than those Or even you can create a new CATIA part and then switch between . Use non-connex elements from sketch in 3d–CATIA V5In “Tips n Tricks(CAT)”.

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So it would seem, that the planes making the ends of both surfaces should be parallel to each other – but for some reason, they’re not.

Downvote 0 Downvoted 1. An axis-system is displayed defining the plane in which the first adpative is created. You can de-select a reference surface using the Clear Selection contextual menu on the Reference Surface field. Impose more sections along the guiding curve Decrease the discretization step value to better define the sweeping along the guiding curve.

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Similarly, it is best to use angle constraints rather than tangency or perpendicularity constraints, to avoid changes in the sketch orientation adaptivs it is swept along the guiding curve. It is the surface on which the guiding curve lies, and is used to define the axis system in which the swept surface is created. The 3d cure is created with Combine tool, which is in fact a multi-cell element.

Notify me of new comments via email. A swept surface which maintains constraints assigned for the profile sketch with guide curve.

Where Can the ADAPTIVE SWEEP Tool Be Advantageous Over SWEEP in CATIA V5?

The Parent field becomes current and is filled in with the parent to be replaced. It is available if a point is selected and if the point is on the guiding curve. Adaptive swept surface is the tool which will do this for me. The list in the Sections tab is catiq updated with: In this case, the Sketch Creation for Adaptive Sweep dialog box is displayed, and allows you to define the construction elements for a new sketch in relation to existing geometry:.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Select a boundary on adqptive adjacent surface as a constraining element when creating the sketch.

please tell me about ADAPTIVE SWEEP IN CATIA V5 R16 with a suitable example

Images are for illustration only and, obviously, you can create your own sketches instead on those shown here. In the swept surface dialog box, select the explicit as profile type and With two guide curves as the subtype.

XY plane — can be any other plane as well Make sure that the profile is intersecting with the guide curves, otherwise you have to define the intersection manually while creating the swept surface as anchor points. You can select a Spine if you want it to be different from the guiding curve.

Click the Parameters tab to display and redefine the constraints on a given section. Selecting a Reference Surface is optional. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. At the location where the profile is drawn, a manipulator will appear, which you can drag along and visualize how the profile is being adjusted with guides while still maintaining constraints applied hover over it and drag.

It seems strange, because those two surfaces have a common spine and the Spline that makes the right edge of the Adaptive Sweep is finished by lines that are normal to the planes making both ends of the Multi-Section Surface.

So there are still two lines left in the sketch so that it can adjust with the guide curves. Please make sure the Twitter account is public. So beware, otherwise error will be prompted.


As stated above, adaptive swept surface is a little different than those created using the sweep tool. Otherwise the mean plane is used as default. Adaphive for reading the post. Here you can see both sketches I’ve used to make this surface and a Spine definition the circle on the left.

YZ plane Guide curve 1 sketch…. For instance, with the apparently similar sketch only its construction differs, but there is a coincidence constraint between the sketch extremity and the point on the guiding curve you can obtain the following results: The curve is made with two lines perpendicular to sketches making Multi-Section Surface and a spline, glued together with a Join command.

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Three contextual menu items are available on the manipulators: Join other followers. The implicit profile is a sketch and as such supports the creation of associative sketch elements swefp multi-cell surfaces. Click the Parents tab to display the elements making up the sweep.

Do as said above, and select the Adaptive sweep tool from the surfaces tool bar or from the pull down menu bar. Log in or sign up to answer. Once you have selected the guiding curve, you can select an existing sketch or create one by clicking either or selecting the Create Sketch contextual item on the Sketch field to start the sketcher within the adaptive sweep context.

Click OK if everything is fine.