Abstract. Cerebellar disorders due to herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection are rare and always associated with herpes simplex encephalitis. We report 2 cases . This article includes discussion of acute cerebellar ataxia (in children), acute cerebellitis, and acute postinfectious cerebellitis. The foregoing. Acute cerebellar ataxia is a syndrome that occurs in previously well children, often presenting Acute cerebellar ataxia, acute cerebellitis, and.

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There are several similarities and differences between acute cerebellitis in adults and children. Post-infectious acute cerebellar ataxia in children.

Case Age yearsSex Aetiological diagnosis Cerbeellitis findings 1 3. Gait abnormality Steppage gait Antalgic gait. Post-viral cerebellar ataxia is caused by damage to or problems with the cerebellum. The most common presenting sign was ataxic gait; however, truncal ataxia, action tremor, and dysmetria were also frequently seen. A total of children were included in the study. This subset of children did not have a different severity at presentation nor a different outcome.

Six patients presented with only headache and nausea and subsequently returned with cerebellar signs. Received Jul 21; Accepted Nov The patient was treated with cefebellitis and discharged to a rehabilitation center, where she fully recovered. Isoniazid cerebellitis in a peritoneal dialysis patient. They were marked by onset predominantly in toddlers, acute onset of symptoms, and overall good prognosis.

In 9 cases, the cerebellitis was complicated by hydrocephalus. Guido Castelli Gattinara, Email: So we analyzed all the data in order to find the risk factors and the early predictive signs of adverse outcome but such evaluation did not show a correlation between sequelae and clinical manifestations or therapeutic strategies, or CSF findings.


The largest study of retrospective childhood ACA was done in by Connolly. Neurological examination and computerized axial tomography CAT -scan of the brain were normal.

Acute cerebellar ataxia in children

Severe cerebellar atrophy following acute cerebellitis. MRI is the imaging modality of choice and CSF examination may be necessary to narrow the differential diagnosis. Nonetheless, complications like compression of the brain stem and obstructive hydrocephalus, when present, cerebelliits identified on CT images and may guide for further investigation. No cognitive function nor behavioral changes were noted.

Post viral cerebellar ataxia – Wikipedia

Spectrum of centrosome autoantibodies in childhood varicella and post-varicella acute cerebellar ataxia. In the literature one of the most detailed descriptions of the clinical presentation for VZV- related cerebellitis showed similar findings [ 17 ].

Although involvement of the cerebellum has been reported to occur during the course of HSE [ 20—23 ], we are not aware of any other patient who has manifested HSV-1 acute cerebellitis. Studies exploring clinical data able to predict neuroimaging abnormalities could be useful in this selection. Furthermore, the cerebellar cortex appeared swollen, a finding consistent with diffuse cerebellitis.

Rapid diagnosis of herpes simplex encephalitis by nested polymerase chain reaction cerebeloitis of cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebellar ataxia caused by a recent viral infection may not need treatment. Discussion and conclusions Acute cerebellitis in adults is a rare entity with a wide range in etiology, clinical presentation and outcome.


Acute cerebellitis in adults: a case report and review of the literature

Our findings suggest that primary cerebellar involvement may occur during the course of HSV-1 infection. However, almost half of the patients ended up with neurological sequelae. Clinical characteristics, etiology and outcome of 35 adult patients with acute cerebellitis, including our case.

Reply to Wasko et al. Reply to Peiffer-Smadja, et al. CSF leukocytes varied widely, from 0 to leukocytes. An unusual cause of altered mental status in elderly-acute cerebellitis: The clinical features are similar to that of other acute ataxias in childhood, so it is important to consider other potentially serious and important conditions in the initial evaluation of these children.

Acute cerebellitis in children mainly presents with headache and ataxia [ 2 ] and may either have a benign, self-limiting course, or present as a fulminant disease requiring neurosurgery and steroid treatment and resulting in severe cerebellar damage [ 2 ].

New England Journal of Medicine. Background Acute cerebellitis is a rare inflammatory syndrome. It is reported as a complication of several systemic infectious diseases, such as varicella infection chickenpox 6.

Acyte neurotoxicity may be prevented by supplementing pyridoxine in patients on dialysis [ 45 ]. Acute cerebellitis was diagnosed in our patients on the basis of clinical symptoms and laboratory findings, including high-grade fever, severe headache, and mild CSF pleocytosis.