Ontologia e metafisica. Achille C. Varzi. Columbia University, New York. [ Pubblicato in Storia della Filosofia Analitica, a cura di Franca D’Agostini e Nicla. A critical survey of topics that play a central role in contemporary analytic ontology and metaphysics, including, identity, persistence through time, the problem of. Ontologia has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. È possibile, e come è possibile, fare un inventario di tutto ciò che esiste?Che cosa esiste? A questa domanda, u.

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Calemi on the predication principle and Parts, Counterparts, and Modal Occurrents more. How do we count votes? Patterns, Rules, and Inferences more.

Ai limiti del possibile more. The first variant is just a version of the The Plan of a Square more. And yet the picture does not amount to a form of irrealism. A discussion of some philosophical themes in the Terminator film series, including: Toraldo di Francia, A. But neither can we trust the deep structure, for there is no unique way of telling what it is. An introductory textbook in logic, covering the syntax and semantics of propositional logic including proof techniques and refutation treesthe syntax and semantics of predicate logic including proof techniques and refutation treesinductive logic, the probability calculus, the analysis of fallacies, and further developments in formal logic including the theory of descriptions, higher-order logics, modal logic, and formal arithmetic.

I argue that this is still too strong: Parti connesse e interi sconnessi more.

There are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy, says Hamlet. VaguenessPhilosophy of Geographyand Supervaluationism. acholle

The game depends on two obvious constraints, namely 1 that the initial segment uniquely identify the sequence, and 2 that the sequence be non-random. A critical survey of topics that play a central role in contemporary analytic ontology and metaphysics, including, identity, persistence through time, the problem of universals, the notion of ontological commitment, and the boundary between semantic issues and metaphysics proper.


And I argue that even DUC, if accepted, would fail to provide the endurantist with the necessary resources for explaining diachronic vagueness in familiar semantic terms. A curious ohtologia about the ontological problem, said Quine, is that it can easily be put into three Anglo-Saxon monosyllables: Fictionalism in ontology is a mixed bag.

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Finally, I argue that this reconstruction allows us to view the indeterminacy of our modal intuitions as being part and parcel with the indeterminacy of our criteria for individuating modal occurrents, and that this indeterminacy is naturally explained in terms of linguistic as opposed to ontic vagueness.

Putnamidentity M. You’ve successfully reported this review. How do we know whether strawberries taste the same for everyone? It features an entirely new canto of the poem originally thought to be lost along with an extensive commentary.

History of Western Philosophy. They are just aspects of the whole to which they belong, ways in which the whole could be broken down, and talk of such parts is really just talk about the modal properties of the whole. Return to Book Page. An exchange of letters among proper names and natural-kind terms, dealing with various identity and individuation problems rigid designation, use-mention ambiguities, translation from their point of view.

Ontologia : Achille C. Varzi :

You submitted the following rating and review. Varzi – – Rivista di Estetica 42 We develop a morphology of holes, focusing on the way a hole can be filled, and then look at the main properties of the resulting conceptual framework: The Structures of Spatial Representation more. Yablo on content and carvings, and from there to mathematical realism.

What is mathematics about? One is tempted to identify a team with its players. The listing includes over entries by some authors. The focus is on questions pertaining to the existence and individuation of clear boundaries delineating the concerns of logic: Rivista di estetica This is the original Italian edition of “Insurmountable Simplicities.


A rejoinder to G. They bear also on recent discussions of the problems of free will and personal identity Levi on whether and how a rational agent should be seen as a maximizer of some cognitive Formal Theories of Parthood more.

Achille C. Varzi, Ontologia – PhilPapers

Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history. The general hypothesis underlying this work is that mereology the study of the relations between an entity and its parts and topology understood as the study of the qualitative relations of connection and compactness may jointly constitute adequate grounds for the formal-ontological analysis of the world of ordinary experience.

Action TheoryAcihlleand Event Semantics. It is common lore that standard, Kripke-style semantics for quantified modal logic is incompatible with the view that no individual may belong to more than one possible world, a view that seems to require a counterpart-theoretic achilke instead. Is this to be regarded as a further ontological bias? Sign in Create an account. A critical survey of the fundamental philosophical issues in the logic and formal ontology of space, with special emphasis on the interplay between mereology the theory of parthood relationstopology broadly understood as a theory of qualitative spatial relations such as continuity and contiguityand the theory of spatial location proper.