ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Note 1). Maximum Temperatures. 2N/8/9. Storage Temperature. °C tOo+°C. Operating Junction Temperature. Part, 2n Category, Discrete. Description. Company, Central Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download 2n datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts. Page 1. Adams Avenue, Hauppauge, NY USA. Tel: () • Fax: ()

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I will be replacing all of them, and routing the AC lines separate from the others. They are mounted to the heat sink with screws on the bottom side of the board and secured with nuts.

PN3564 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Help me understand this power amp design – please? What totally confuses me is the lack of a DC path to establish the 2j3568.

Q9 and Q10 is a complementary Class B driver stage. Q5 – Q7 and Q6 – Q8 pairs are current feedback stages. It does seem to have an incomplete or maybe sloppy feel to it – the component numbers jump around, there are holes in the sequence, some components don’t have numbers just values. If the heat sink is ungrounded, then the output transistors could be mounted directly to it without a mica insulator. I’d say forget this circuit.


Chalk it all up to very good luck, but it’s not just “my dahasheet. Yes, the transistors are original and still working fine and I won’t be replacing them.

Thanks for the confirmation that it won’t work as drawn!! Advertised as ” watts peak” its RMS output is somewhere between 15 and 25 watts. The bases of input transistors shoud be biased to a proper DC potential – I don’t see it happening. How can the datasheet of Q5 be more positive than it’s emitter when there is no source of a positive voltage at its base?

After registering necessary to view the schematicI was surprised at how the power amp was almost identical!! The “rats nest” of wires tie the power supply to the circuit boards. I understand that this will set the bias between the two transistors at three diode voltage drops. This seems pretty low. June 26, If you say theory and practice don’t agree you haven’t applied enough theory.

It sort of looks like the joining node of R21 and R23 should have a common reference – which, I suppose, would lead the complementary pair Q9 – Q10 to exhibit some gain as datashewt a pretty nice invitation for instability by the way. I’m quite sure the original circuit was meant to be something like this. Everything else is “loose” with a few wires bundled datasehet a plastic tie.


How can the base of Q6 be more negative i. The speaker has been removed to provide some extra room to work with.

darasheet Just to prove my suspicions about this circuit that looks a bit messed up right I draw the damn thing on spice and ran a sim I guess I don’t understand why that would lead to instability. Since I have this Dirt Road Special apart, I thought someone might like to see how it’s put together.

2N 데이터시트 PDF – 핀배열 검색

The power supply is in the upper left of the picture – transformer, open style fuse holder, bridge rectifier, electrolytic cap, and a. So I’m assuming right now that I can find a suitable substitute using the 2N characteristics. Dwtasheet have much more confidence in this circuit actually working. Ain’t happening either because bias is vatasheet up. This is the insides. Up to this point I am somewhat satisfied. Good thing I was suspicious before I built it and wasted the parts. Where did you get the schematic?