1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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Dec 15, Oddometer: Your email or ADVrider name: Other than that they are, as all XR’s bullet proof. The XL is billed as an underdog. The engines are fairly bulletproof. And yes only miles!

When things work, for example the disc front brake, they are parcelled out to the various model lines. This makes for a broader, more complex perspective.

The buyer gets more of this, less of that. The timed speed with a half-mile run was done with rider tucked in and secure. The XL’s seat is short, the bars are close to the seat, the legs are bent. I’ll be posting more soon!

1984 Xl350R Dirt Build!!!

Mar 14, Oddometer: English cars are much better now. Four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC, 4 valve. Despite that, the has temperament. The spark plug is tucked up under the tank, and the oil filler hole is a tiny little thing, with half 19984 measly opening overshadowed by the cases. BodogerMar 27, Mar 29, Oddometer: They have x350r knob, well, more space between the knobs, and they’re shaped for traction. Our motocross kids said they could bottom the forks landing off jumps, which is why Honda fits air valves.


There’s no choice here. Shock looks pretty good just needs cleaned and both will need a service.

Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! Modern suspension is so good it leads one to wonder if we blamed the tires when previous dual-purpose bikes weren’t all that good.

Dakar dreamerMay 13, Both years used the ? Refer to the various figures, the objective data.

That means every machine is priced as low as possible, in turn requiring a series of trades. In a sticky situation off road last fall, I was amazed at the low end torque the engine has and how it handled off road even with it’s stock gearing. To make up for lack of speed, they were also unreliable.

1984 Honda XLR350 Opinions???

The gear ratios are fairly close while the powerband is wide. There can be surface rust, loads of shelf dirt, and torn bags. Mar 10, Oddometer: Two carbs, with linkage and cables and they’re buried in the middle of the machine. Jan 26, Oddometer: All in context, sure.


Honda XLR Opinions??? | Adventure Rider

They aren’t the same engine bored out or destroked. The XL’s brakes work.

The rider doesn’t lounge around. No in both cases. This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds. I worked at a Honda shop when these came out.

Honda XLR | eBay

Log in or Join. On and up models, the key code will be stamped on the housing of the ignition switch or one of the locks, removal of the 9184 or lock will be necessary to find the code. But it indicates the ease and speed with which the XL can be snapped right-left, and the incredible cornering clearance and the grip offered by the tires. The version fits neatly in the middle of the line: No title so it’ll be screaming through the dirt.

Lets face it, it all depends on wether it’s ready to go or a beat up POS.