1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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Threading through traffic or trees can bring a slight hesitation between throttle closed and just barely cracked.

Honda XL350R

So make sure the part is what youNEED! The version fits neatly in the middle of the line: If it isn’t done right, 9184 virtually the XL’s only flaw. Vin maybe you can see the year from this. And we know how they did it, and How To Do It. Of the enthusiast’s enthusiasm. This has been a test. This page was last updated: Sorry, but not even Honda can change nature’s rules.

Mar 14, Oddometer: The XL’s sticker price is more than an XL. If it sputters, do nothing.


The manufacturer did better than a brisk business, was in 184 a major power worldwide. The tires are nearly a chapter on their own. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

But you won’t see them on the roads here 20 years from now because the factory has dropped out of the U. But it’s an acceptable weight for its type and displacement, and the jump from to cc brings less poundage penalty than does the jump from to Only routine maintenance was done, and the typical wear items were replaced.

The tool box, which used to have a flap that lived to fall open when you weren’t looking, now is held closed by a hook integrated into the helmet lock.

Honda XLR Opinions??? | Adventure Rider

Flip the lever off and ride away. About Honda XLR Shop the large inventory of motorcycles and vintage, antique, and historic motorcycle parts for Honda! They add a LOT of power to the bike.

Source Cycle World Xl350g are knobbies for sand, knobbies for mud and knobbies for hard surfaces. I have a XRR off road only bike in good shape. Yes, the bike has a high center of gravity and yes, the tires are semi-knob, no matter.

If the clearances aren’t perfect the valve will close too soon or open too late or something and the strokes can be felt. Glad you’re still with us, because this is the good part. Even before we picked up our XL, we were getting calls from new owners frustrated by the quirks of getting the fire to stay lit.


When you’re in style, you don’t have to be good. Mar 29, Oddometer: Sep 26, Oddometer: Surely the engineer who did this has never tried to add oil from a one-qt.

They aren’t the same engine bored out or destroked. The other thing only Honda can do is make a model for its own class. Our demon crew got their best stops by using the front brake just hard enough to have the rear tire lift off the ground a few inches.

So, we get those lights and signals for free? The XL’s brakes work.

XlR Dirt Build!!! | Adventure Rider

This is XL country. The footpegs must be higher than the ground clearance.

Check the pics for condition! Both years had front disc and rear drum brakes.